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Is Siine Keyboard The Best Android Keyboard in 2012?

A few days before, I wrote an article to introduce the 5 best keyboard apps for Android. And I think you also find that how important a good keyboard in your life. We can type any text with any methods like common input, voice input and the most creative one � SwiftKey. But today, I bring you guys Siine Keyboard � a rising star in keyboard filed with free.

As the most innovative keyboard yet which xda-developers commented, Siine Keyboard is really different with other keyboards when it still keep the common keyboard. The keyboard presents you with a bunch of icons, each of which has a handful of commonly used phrases assigned to it. You just press the relevant buttons and the phrases are automatically entered into the text box. With just a couple of clicks you can have an entire message ready to send. You get a whole bunch of icons with several phrases that you can customize and you can also download additional sets from within the app.

The QWERTY section of the keyboard is comfortable to use, with large well-spaced keys and haptic feedback should you want it. However, it isn’t as resilient to typos as Swype or Swiftkey X might be, so typing “pkanned” doesn’t automatically suggest “planned” and leaves you to manually correct the error. The lack of a shift key is confusing at first, forcing you to hold down a letter to produce its capitalized version. There’s also no caps lock here.

Well, I think we should find the full magic functions of Siine Keyboard with the demo video , let’s check it now!

BTW: You can download this app: Sinne Keyboard

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