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The most Amazing and unbelievable way to use your Smartphone

Do you know guys you can use your smartphone with lots of amazing and unbelievable features. Today I will share some useful information with you. I am sure that you like this article.
Lots of people are using smartphone in daily life, but most of the people don’t know that how to use smartphone, they just use smartphone for calling, messaging, chatting, browsing, listening music but there are the unlimited uses of smartphone.Some hand-held apps make the most of your phone and turn your phone into a virtual Swiss Army Knife. Here are some amazingly cool apps for your smartphone.

1. You can Start your Car with Smartphone

start car by smartphone
Surprised? Yes, but it is true. Your typical remote car starter can only work or operate across a limited distance, but using Viper’s SmartStart app you can start your car from anywhere, you just have an internet connection, even if you are outside of the country.
That being said, a smarter idea might be to start the engine from three train stations away so that it will be nice for your ride home( or cool in the summer).
Vipers SmartStart app is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry. It is not a free app, it will cost you around $299 to $500 for the starter, depending on the model and features.

2. You can Mail a Postcard


postcard on the run
The second amazing app is Postcard On The Run.When you are on the vacation you can send a email or text with your smartphone from anywhere in the world easily, but the folk folks back home will sure have a hard time sticking in on the fridge door.
With this app you can take a screenshots and transformed it into a genuine paper postcard that will be mailed to the recipient of your choice via the U.S. postal service.
You can add a persona and important messages on the card.
This app is compatible with iOS and Android phones. The app is available for free, but it is charge you near about $0.99 to $1.70 U.S. per postcards, the is depending on the destination.

3. You can Measure Your Heart Rate


Instant heart rate
The third one amazing app is Instant Heart Rate. In the past you would hold two fingers to the artery in your neck, count the heartbeats and time them with a wristwatch. Who wears wristwatches anymore? Never mind that, who does mathematical calculations in their heads anymore?
You doesn’t  required a watch or the ability to multiply if you use this app. Simply touch the screen with your thumb and the the phone’s camera will scan your blood flow to calculate your pulse rate and gives quick result with detailed information with the timeline.
This app is available for iOS and Android Phone. This is free app with ads and $0.99 for ad free version.

 4. You Can Identify Just About Anything


google goggles
Next amazing and important app for you is Google Goggles.Forgot the name of that thingamajig? Put it on your Google Goggles and let the world’s biggest search engine remember it for you.
Here’s how it works. Take a image of the any unknown object with the camera in your smartphone then upload it on the web via Google Goggles. The image is then scanned and matched against the search engine’s database to make a quick ID. You don’t even have to type anything. It’s  especially useful for translating foreign text.
This app is compatible with iOS and Android phones. Don’t worry about money, its available for free, just download it and forget the complicated names, when you want to remember just upload image and you will get detailed information about image, enjoy with this app.

5. You Can Use Your Smartphone as Mouse and Keyboard

Mobile mouse pro.
Next app is Mobile Mouse Pro. It’s not exactly a magic wand, but Mobile Mouse Pro comes with the amazing features.
This app lets you control your computer or laptop using your smartphone as a remote mouse and keyboard. It uses the accelerometer in your smartphone so you can wave it in the air and move the mouse pointer on your computer or laptop screen. You can use your phone’s screen as a touch-pad or call up the on-screen keyboard to type in some text.
Mobile Mouse Pro is available for iPhone and Android phones. This app is not available for free, it will cost you $3 to buy the app.
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