Best 5 Music Players for Android Smartphone

//Best 5 Music Players for Android Smartphone

Best 5 Music Players for Android Smartphone

Music player is one of the important applications in a smartphone. Android provides stock music players for music lovers but it has boring sound quality. In Android, the default music player will not give many options to customize the music settings as you need. Many of you are music lovers and continuously searching for best music players for your Android Smartphone then stop your search because you are at correct place where you get a perfect music player apps for your smartphone which gives best sound quality and lots of features with great experience.

1. Poweramp Music Player [Trial/Paid]

Poweramp MobileBuster
Poweramp is one of the best music players available in the Play Store. The app has an excellent music rendering engine which gives a powerful Bass and Treble in music player. It plays MP3 and other formats such as MP4/M4A, wma, ogg,flac, wav, ape, tta, wv, mpc and it has 10 band optimized graphical equalizer that can be used for all the supported formats, presets, custom presets. Treble and Bass can be adjusted separately. It also has Xpansion, balance, and mono mixing, crossfade, reply gain, and gapless. You can play all songs from your own folder and library with dynamic queue. It has visual themes and skins that are available to download even from 3rd party. Headset supports, lyrics supports and much more features.
The Poweramp has interchangeable themes and skins that add robust factor to this app. You can download Poweramp Music Player for free but free version is available only for 15 days after that it expires. If you wish to continue using Poweramp Music Player you need to download the Poweramp Full Version Unlocker, it is available on Play Store in $4.00 only. You need to download the trial first and then purchase the unlocker key. All the features that you love in trial version are still there.
Size of Poweramp Music Player is varies with devices and it support Android 2.1 and up.

2. jetAudio Music Player Basic

jetAudio Best Mobile Tips
 jetAudio Basic is one of the coolest app available on Play Store. jetAudio Basic is a MP3 music player with 10/20 bands graphic equalizer and various sound effects. With this application, you can play any format of digital files including .mp3, .wav, .tta, .mpc, .ogg, .spa and more. You can enjoy a wide range of listening experience with its 32- equalizer presets. If you are looking for the apps that support you to customize your sound, then this is the perfect app for you. It provides a very high quality sound with various effects and enhancments such as Wide, Reverb and X-Bass.
Play back speed control , AGC, crossfading are some of the advanced play back function of the jetAudio Music Player.
free Basic version provides same features with Plus version except advertisements and some features. If you wish to enjoy full features of jetAudio, then purchase full version.
Size of jetAudio Music Player is varies with devices and it supports Android 2.3 and up.

3. Google Play Music [Free]

Google Play Music Best Mobile Tips
Google Play Music app for android enables you to browse, play and share numbers of song that you love on your Android devices, as well as the songs that are on the web. Listen to songs from Google Play, playlists and radio all day long. Songs are accessed online, so no storage space and syncing needed. It recommends songs that are based on the type of genre that you are listening to. With Google Music, you can enjoy music without the ads and you can share them with your friends on Google+.
Google Play Music app is very very easy to use, you have an access to all music in your android phone and also millions of song that are available on the internet.
This app is free and available on Google Play Store for download.  
Size of Google Play Music is 7.5M and it supports Android 2.2 and up. 

4. N7player Music Player

N7player Best Mobile Tips

N7player is the best music player which offers new experience in listening and searching for your favorite music on your Android device. It has a new and great UI, fresh to eye of the users. You can explore music easily, pinching allows you to see the covers, sliding to find an album, and tap it to play the song. It can handle large library with lots of songs. This music app for android is loaded with great features such as equalizers, album art downloader, and detailed music catalog.
Download the free version from Google Play Store to test it, if you like it you can purchase the  premium version. N7 Player is very convenient , powerful and easy to use.
The user interface of this app is very pleasing to the users. This feature makes it cool to use and popular for music lovers.
You can download N7 Music Player for free with full features but free version is available only for 14 days after that it expires. If you wish to continue using N7 Music Player you need to buy the N7 Full Version Unlocker from the Play Store in $1.03.
Size of N7 Music Player is 5.9M and size of Unlocker (paid version) is 277k. It supports Android 2.2 and up.

5. Winamp Music Player

Winamp Best Mobile Tips
Winamp is a music app for android which let you play, manage and sync all the music that you have in PC to your android device. This is the complete music management solution that features a wireless sync, library import and with SHOUTcast you can access thousands of internet radio stations. For more great features, you can download the premium version.
You can download Winamp for free If you want to test this app, I recommend that download free version first. Free app has limited features, You can unlock these features by purchasing Winamp Pro in $5 from Google Play Store.
Buying the Winamp Pro unlocks feature such as;
  • 10-band graphic equalizer
  • Browse by folder
  • Customizable home screen
  • Gapless playback
  • Replay gain
  • Support for FLAC playback in folder Views
  • Play any streaming audio URL 
  • Personalized station
  • No ads
Note: Winamp Pro may not be available on older devices with chipset that do not support floating point calculations.
Size of Winamp Pro is 436k and it supports Android 2.3 and up.
So, guys these are the best Music Players for Android Smartphone. I hope you like these amazing apps.
The personality of any person can be expressed through music. The art, values, passion and emotions reflect to which music we listen to. Everyone who has Android device surely has songs in their smartphone and looking forward to listen to it the best way possible. Music app that are available in Google Play make your listening experience more satisfying. 
Choose the best Music Player app that will make your music in your Android device more exceptional, distinctive and stand out among the others. Make you music be the coolest and lively music that can make a dead man rise from grave.
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