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List of Abbreviations: Commonly used in Facebook and Whats app for online chatters

Technology is the fast growing industry as of right now and it has no sign of slowing down. In fact every thing is will be ran by technology in the near future.Technology is around us all the time with computers and smartphones. Due  to technology, we can communicate easily with every one via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Whats app and many more.
 Abbreviation for Chat
While chatting on Facebook, Whats app or other social networking sites, we use Abbreviations(Short forms) of many words. Using Abbreviations in chatting is the faster way to communicate with people. Almost every chatter uses short forms or abbreviations to send their message on faster way.
However new users may not be familiar with these abbreviations used in chatting. Now a days many people use abbreviated languages which is difficult to understand for new chatters. So, today i am sharing complete list of Abbreviations for online chatters.

A  complete list of Abbreviation for chat

1NAM : One in a million
143 : I love you
1432 : I love you too
2moro : Tomorrow
2N8 : Tonight
404 : No clue
4Eva : Forever
ASAP : As soon as possible
ASL? : Age/sex/location?
AAMOF : As a matter of fact
AKA : Also known as
ATM : At this moment
ASIC : As soon as I can
AFIK : A far as I know
ADN : Any day now
Abt : About
ARE : Acronym rich environment
AFK : Away from keyboard
B4N : Bye for now
B4 : Before

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BAK : Back at the keyboard
BAU : Business as usual
BFF : Best female friend / Best friend forever
BBT : Be back tomorrow
BBL : Be back later
BBIAB : Be back in a bit
BC : Be Cool
BEG : Big evil grin
BF : Boy Friend
BFN : Bye for now
BG : Big grin
BMS : Blew my s**t
BMT : Before my time
BRB : Be Right Back
BTA : But then again�
BTW : Bye the way
BWL ; Burst with laughter
B/w : Between
BOT : Back on topic
CU: See You
CYL : See you later
Cuz : Because
CYO : See you online
DBA : Doing business as
DFLA : Disenchanted four-letter
DL : Dead link
DIKU : Do I know you
DITYID :  Did I tell you I�m distressed
DIY : Do it yourself
DND : Do not Disturb
DQMOT : Don�t quote me on this
EG : Evil grin
EMFBI : Excuse me for butting in
EOM : End of message
ETLA : Extended three letter acronym
F2F : Face to face
FAQ : Frequently asked questions
Fb : Facebook
FYEO : For your eyes only
FYI : For your information
G : Grin
G2G : Got to go
GA : Go ahead
GAL : Get a life
GF : Girlfriend
GM : Good morning
GN : Good night
GNASD : Good night and sweet dream
G2B : Going to bed
GR8 : Great
HBU : How about you
HAND : Have a nice day
HF : Have a fun
HMU : Hit me up
IDC : I don�t care
IC : I see
IDK : I don�t know
IMY : I miss you
IS : I�m sorry
JAM : Just a minute
JFY : Just for you
KK : ok
KL : cool
LAM : Leave a message
LMK : Let me know
LOL : Laugh Out loud
LMS : Like my status
L8R : Later
M8 : Mate
M/F : Male or Female
MP : My pleasure
Msg : Message
N : And
NE1 : Anyone
NP : No problem
OIC : Oh I see
OMG : Oh my God!
Pls : Please
PM : Private Message
PMSL : Pissing Myself laughing
POS : Parents on Shoulder
Ppl : People
RIP : Rest in peace
ROFL : Rolling On Floor Laughing
Q4U : Question for you
S2pd : Stupid
S2R : Send to Receive
SD : Sweet dreams
Sec : Second
Sk8 : Skate
Some1 : Someone
SOS : Someone on Shoulder
Spoz : Suppose
SS : So sorry
Str8 : Straight
SU : Shut up
SYS : See you soon
SUP : What�s Up
TBH : To be honest
TC : Take care
TCO : Take care of
TG : Thank God
TIA : Thanks in Advance
TM : Trust me
TMI : To much information
Tnx : Thanks
TTYL : Talk to you later
Ty/Tu : Thank you
TXT : Text
TYVM : Thank you very much
TOS : Terms of service
U : You
U4E : Yours for Eve
WB : Welcome back
WBU : What about you
Wru : Who are you
WOA : Work of art
WTH : What the hell
WU? : What�s up?
w8 : Wait
Y : Why or Yes
YSIC : Why should I care
YW : you�re welcome
Zzz : Sleeping 
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