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How to make free calls over 2G networks via Android Smartphone

Making free phone calls over Internet is not hard. There are many app available on Play Store for free calling such as Facetime, Viber, Skype and so on� But none of these comfortable to use or does not support to 2G networks. Almost 70% percent mobile user uses 2G network in India. Many free calling apps required 3G network for better voice quality but today I am going to share one app which run perfectly on 2G network and gives better voice quality. Most amazing feature of this app is you can talk as long as your wish means you don�t need to buy credit like Skype and one more great feature is that you can also call devices which don�t have this app. Name of the app is Nanu.
Nanu Best Mobile Tips for Android
Nanu claims to be able to let you call any other Nanu  user for free even on 2G networks. The free calls to mobile phones and landlines will probably appeal to many but initially there will only be 15 free minutes worth of credit for calls to non-Nanu users, and only for the first million who downloaded the app. The free calls to landlines can only be made to 41 countries for now, including the US and UK, while the free calls to mobile phones will only work for Germany, Hungary, India, Israel,Singapore, Spain, Thailand and the US.
Once the free call limit expires, there is no way to call phones that aren�t running Nanu but the number of free minutes and list of countries will grow as more users get on app, as that will generate more advertising revenue which can go back into the system to subsidize more calls.
The users with small data plans might still be  worried about the utility of Nanu with the consumption of 2G data, but the company says 1MB of data is sufficient for 10 minutes of phone calls.
So, how does it support for free calls?
Nanu completely works on advertisements, Nanu plays ads while you�re waiting for another user to answer the phone. These ads stop playing the moment your call is answered. App currently working well on 2G network in India. As of now, the app doesn’t consist any third-party ads. While waiting for other user to receive our call, we just heard a message asking us to download Nanu.
According to its website app is available only for Android now. For iOS and windows will be available next two to three months and the team also plans to add messaging feature in Nanu.
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