How to Center the Clock On Android with Xblast Tools Mod

//How to Center the Clock On Android with Xblast Tools Mod

How to Center the Clock On Android with Xblast Tools Mod

This is a simple tutorial on how to replace the stock clock to the Center. If you find any difficult. simply comment in the below section and we will get back to you soon. You need to download three modules they are... Xposed Framework, Xblast Tools and Xuimod.

As there are many modules (MODS) outside, each of them plays a different role in different manner. In this article we are going to use one of the option from Xblast Tools which can be found under the Xposed FrameWork (Click on the link to learn on how to install Xposed Framework). By using the mod we can Center the Clock (See the picture for an example) & also I will explain you on how to enable the Seconds by using XuiMod. If you just want to Center the clock then download the first two files. If you want to enable even the seconds then download the three files.

Note that this only works with root access on Android 4.0.3 or later.

Download the three files from here::
?Xposed FrameWork::

?Xblast Tools::


You can also download Xblast Tools & XuiMod from Xposed Framework App itself. To download the modules from the application, open Xposed FrameWork > then open download > search the mod by typing Xblast Tools & XuiMod. When you find them simply download and install. After installing the mods, Reboot the device to take effect.

How to Center the Clock::

?Open Xposed FrameWork > then select Modules > Select Xblast Tools > under Xblast tools select Status Bar > then Clock Settings > now here select Center Clock by checking the box. Now reboot the phone to take effect.

How to enable Seconds for the clock::

?Open XuiMod > then select Clock Mods > here select Enable seconds option. If you want the Clock to be bold then select the Bold Clock which can be seen below the Enable seconds. Now reboot the phone to take effect

Need any help or want to give any suggestion. Please make sure to leave a comment & we will get back to you soon.

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