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Breaking: Walmart 'shooting as gunman takes hostages in Amarillo supermarket

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SWAT teams have reportedly shot dead a gunman who took hostages at a Walmart store in Texas.
Amarillo Police were called out to reports of an “active shooter” who had taken hostages inside the supermarket around an hour ago.
It is understood there were no other fatalities and all hostages are safe, according to BNO News.
Workers inside buildings nearby said a helicopter and around 20 police vehicles swarmed to the scene.

The incident was originally described as “workplace violence” in local reports.

Police confirmed the incident to ABC 7 Amarillo, who tweeted: “The Amarillo Police Department have confirmed an active shooter situation at the Walmart store on I-27 and Georgia.”
Police are asking the public to avoid the areas as they evacuate people from the building.

Images coming from the scene show emergency vehicles outside the store, as authorities try to evacuate those inside.

Those inside the store were being evacuated via a side entrance, according to theblaze.com.
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Emergency services remain on the scene, however the Amarillo Police Department said there we no shooting victims reported in their latest Twitter update.
The incident has been described to local media as “workplace violence”
We’ll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story.
Source:- http://mirror.co.uk/news

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