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TEXTNOW- Free Text+Calls APK v4.34.2 Latest Version Download Free for Android 4.0 and up

TEXTNOW- Free Text+Calls APK v4.34.2 Latest Version Download Free for Android 4.0 and up

TEXTNOW is an amazing and top texting Android App, by which you can send free SMS texting, picture messages throughout the Globe. You can make calls and send voice mails to your family members and relatives. With TEXTNOW yon can make free unlimited calls and unlimited messages to all Canadian and US cell phone numbers. It makes your communication even better while sending text messages or picture message to international numbers by free of cost. TEXTNOW offers smart communications along with free messages and voicemails, you can text or call to your friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors or anyone else you like most. 
TEXTNOW has been considered as one of the most trusted texting Android app throughout world. Famous sources like Appdives and Appddict recommended TEXTNOW as the as app of choice. It provides you the fast communication by fast sending and receiving text messages. You can send as many test messages and picture messages as you want to US and Canadian cell phone numbers by free of cost. You can enjoy unlimited free calls to any phone number in US and Canada as well. The Service, the network, and quality, everything is incredible and perfect. 
You can make low cost and free international calls with TEXTNOW by adding credit or earn free credit by completing offers to your account. This texting android application comes with a few ads. If don�t like ads, then you can remove these ads by purchasing a subscription. The app provides you the smart and smoothest communication experience. Download the Apps APK file for free from below on our page. Some significant and amazing features of TEXTNOE are listed below. 
TEXTNOW- Free Text+Calls APK v4.34.2 Latest Version Download Free

Features of TEXTNOW APK:

  • TEXTNOW is completely free of cost with its all worthy features. 
  • You can make and receive text, pictures messages and voice calls. Also save picture messages. 
  • You can make free and unlimited text and voice calls on all US and Canadian phone numbers. 
  • It offers amazingly user friendly interface. 
  • You can earn credits towards calling by completing partnered offers or purchase free minutes package.
  • Send voice mails and put call forwarding on. 
  • With this app you can send and receive full pictures messages at blazing fast speed. Also save photo messages as well. 
  • No yearly or monthly charges or any other extra charges. 
  • This app offers several amazing customizable text tones and ring tones to choose. 
  • It offers huge amount of emoticons to express your feeling even smarter. 
  • You can add your own signature to each of your text. 
  • TEXTNOW is compatible with all latest Android devices. 
  • You can manage your own customizable background by putting your favorite picture as background. 
  • With TEXTNOW you can select specific tones for your specific contact numbers. 
  • By using TEXTNOW you can also send a text message from your computer too. 
So download the APK file of TEXTNOW completely free from below given downloading link. Install the APK on your Android device, cell phone or android tablet and enjoy smarter and smoothest communications with your loved ones beyond the limitations and boundaries.

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