Google's Android Go: Everything you need to know

//Google's Android Go: Everything you need to know

Google's Android Go: Everything you need to know

Cost is a major deciding factor when users buy a smartphone. Google understands this fact and is serving more for budget smartphones to make more people join the digital revolution. A few years ago, Google managed to design, develop, market, and support low-cost line of consumer devices named Android One which was not successful as expected by Google especially in India.

Google is now aiming at the majority of the population residing in countries like India, Brazil, and African nations, through an outstanding platform, Android Go. According to Google, it is a program similar to Google�s Android One strategy, to create a lite version of Android OS for lower-powered devices.

Android Go aims at building an Android Version for phones with less memory. With its System UI and kernel modified, Go will be able to run on devices with as little as 512MB of memory. And also, Apps will be optimized for low bandwidth and memory. A special version of Play Store will be designed that will highlight lightweight apps. Google is also launching a new program called �Building for Billions� which is focused on helping developers create these new optimized apps.

The company is already working on rebuilding many apps. YouTube Go, for instance, is the lite version of YouTube app which is much smaller in size and give users much more control over the data.

Android Go also will help users in reducing data usage with new data management and savings tools. Android devices with less than 1GB of RAM will automatically get Android Go. And starting with Android O, Google commits to release variants of Android Go for all future Android versions.

For now, information regarding hardware partners who are going to make smartphones with Android Go configuration is unknown but Google intends to work with both global and local OEMs. The first devices with Android Go are expected to be released in 2018.

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