Amazon tries number 2 line-up of smartphones branded as �Ice�

//Amazon tries number 2 line-up of smartphones branded as �Ice�

Amazon tries number 2 line-up of smartphones branded as �Ice�

Amazon plans to introduce its own branded smartphones and is now working on a new line-up of smartphones branded as “Ice” which earlier released phone named �Fire� in 2015. There are some rumors that the smartphone is named �Ice� as their previous smartphone named �Fire� didn�t do well as expected by Amazon.

Amazon made the Fire Phone focusing much on the US and other two western markets. But with this Ice smartphone, they are aiming at rising markets like India. Some sources confirm that at least one smartphone will be released in India by Amazon this year.

Amazon’s forthcoming smartphones will run the latest version of Google�s Android OS with Google Mobile Services (GMS) like Gmail and Google Play and etc. Incorporating Google Mobile Services in its devices could be a major modification in strategy for Amazon, which currently offers a range of Android devices with no Google apps on them.

Some critics say that the phone will feature a 5.5-inch display. The phone will offer a 13-megapixel rear camera, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage. The phone will house Snapdragon 435 SoC and a fingerprint scanner on its back. The phone will be priced at around $93 (Rs. 6000).

Another shocking thing is that the critics who have used the phone have said that the phone didn’t have Alexa on it. Alexa is Amazon’s AI-powered digital assistant which will be found on Echo speakers, as well as some refrigerators and other consumer devices. Some say that Amazon may incorporate Alexa on the devices and may be available at the time of launch.

It�s not known when Amazon began working on ‘Ice’ phones. The company had launched Android-powered Fire Phone in 2014 which received a dull response from the market. Only under 35,000 units were sold. After emptying the inventory, the company didn�t even refill the inventory due to the fewer sales.

According to me, the lack of Google apps on the Fire Phone emerged as a deal-breaker for many. Due to that reason, those who purchased the device weren�t pleased with the Fire Phone though Amazon maintains its own Android app store.

Jan Dawson, founder and chief analyst at Jackdaw Research have said that Amazon is aiming beyond e-commerce. So, Amazon is concentrating much on Smartphone market. This time, Amazon has made many amendments to its smartphone to make it successful in the market.

One of the reasons behind their interest in making smartphones is that, in their own branded smartphones, Amazon has a great way to strengthen its ecosystem by pre-installing and tightly integrating Amazon apps and services.

According to some sources, Amazon has invested more than $5 billion aiming Indian market for selling its own phones. To achieve its aim, the company must face a tough competition with Chinese Players like Xioami, Honor, Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo and etc. The success of these phones has two reasons. Reason one is that they pack more features in a low budget smartphone without compromising on quality and reason two is unique selling proposition (USP). Amazon phones also seem packing more features for low price. The only thing they have to do to succeed in the market is having USP for differentiating themselves from its rivals.

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