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How to fix Android System battery drain issues and extend battery life

Earlier, phones were only for making calls. But today, phones are being used beyond that. Only on the rare occasion, we use it to make a phone call and we use it excessively for entertainment, official works, personal works, social media communication and so on. Because phones have become Smartphones which is capable of nearly everything. They are making our life easier and have become our life companions.

But unfortunately, in spite of so many good things about it, we can�t say �Smartphones are perfect� and it�s only close to it. Its battery is the reason for that. Normally, people are charging their smartphones at least twice a day. People are carrying chargers and power banks with them. This is little discomfort for people. Engineers are developing the solution for it. We will get extended battery life on future smartphones. But until that, you can follow the tips and tricks that I�m going to share with you.

Android Smartphone Battery

Most of the smartphones existing today run on a lithium-ion battery, meaning they can be charged from any level and one does not have to completely discharge them before charging them up again and it is also not needed to charge them to a full 100 percent. Since Li-ion batteries are affected by low voltage problems, it makes sense to charge them only up to a maximum of 90%.

It is also worth noting that most mobile devices that have been released by established global enterprises don�t come with removable batteries. Given below are some of the best ways to reduce Android Battery Drain.

1. Black wallpaper can increase battery life

If you have a smartphone that has AMOLED screen, then use dark-colored backgrounds. Black wallpaper can boost battery life as AMOLED screens are designed to illuminate only the colored background. And since black pixels have no color in them, they are not lit and consume the least power, if any. So go ahead and set your wallpaper in shades of black to cut down massively on power usage.

2. Use Doze Mode (Marshmallow OS onwards)

This is a mode that has been brought in with the introduction of the Android Marshmallow OS. And this has been further enhanced in the next Android Nougat OS. The enhancement has taken the doze mode from being activated when stationary for a predefined period of time; to be activated when it is being moved around for instance in your bag or pocket or even when on the move.

The Doze mode functionality works by shutting down applications when the phone is not in use with regard to the duration that has elapsed since the user has touched their phone. What�s more, the network connection is cut and only specific intervals are used for syncing. If the user stays away from the phone for much longer, more functionalities such as syncing, Wi-Fi Scanning, and GPS are put on hold.

3. Make Sure Your Electrical Outlet is properly grounded

The Importance of this cannot be stressed enough! If your electrical output is not grounded properly, then it is bound to adversely impact the phone battery. In some cases, users have seen the battery undergoing rapid drain, as is reported in several forums on the net.

4. Turn off Google Voice Search

This may seem obvious at first but many seem to miss this way to save power. While Google�s innovative “OK Google” voice searching is an incredible and highly functional feature, it also is a huge drain on the cell phone�s battery. This is even more relevant when the user is not a consistent and regular user of the Google Voice Search.

Users can go into the Google Settings from the app drawer and tap on �Voice�. In the next page, the user should select “OK Google” detection. In this option, it is best to switch off all options for best results in power saving.

5. Updates Apps regularly

The main reason for developers to regularly update apps is to optimize phone memory and phone battery usage. Also, on the same note, it is good to erase older apps which are no longer in use. Because they will consume valuable memory and battery life.

After the user has ensured their apps are up to date they can check each app one by one to verify if they have been optimized for battery life. A user will have to go into phone Settings and tap on Battery. The user can then see the apps that require battery optimization and change them accordingly. But it is important to remember that the user can only optimize the system apps that are non-essential.

6. Use Greenify

This is an effective app that can optimize phone performance and enhance battery life. Greenify works by enabling users to put apps which are not in use into hibernation, preventing unintentional background operation.

This, in turn, will keep more system resources free along with enhancing battery life considerably. To use this app with the most effectiveness, users will have to know the apps which they use the most and least. After this prioritization is done, things become fairly easy and Greenify will put on hold all apps which don�t rank high on priority.

7. Avoid use of auto-brightness

It is recommended that users don�t activate auto-brightness. While it may seem to be an efficient and smart feedback mechanism it actually ends up costing more battery life. This is because the auto-brightness feature actually sets the brightness slightly more than is actually needed. And this means it is better to actually adjust the screen brightness manually. This makes a lot of sense as it is a well-known fact that screen displays actually account for most unwanted battery drain.

This setting is available on almost all phones and can be easily turned off in the Quick settings panel.

8. Turn off vibrate and haptic feedback to save battery

This is a very easy way to save battery life and unless users really need to vibrate function. It is fine probably for incoming calls, but using �vibrate� feedback for every single function such as keyboard typing and more is unnecessary. The feedback that a user receives while typing on the keyboard is called haptic feedback. Such functionality usually does not add to the user experience and drains an inordinate amount of battery life.

9. User Profiles, and Scheduled Power on and off

A person�s sleep schedule can be used to their advantage by setting the phones to turn off its network and Wi-Fi and or either of them. Free Apps on Google Play can be used to regulate such functionalities.

The phone can also be set not to vibrate or ring or both. This setting can be accessed by visiting the user profiles in the phone’s settings such as �General�, �Meeting�, �Outdoor�, and �Silent� and so on. This will also save power.

Phones these days also have a scheduled power on and power off feature in their Settings to make sure the phone you have sleeps when you do.

10. Don’t get bogged down by widgets

While Widgets are handy when frequently needed, they become a huge battery drain when occasionally used. Widgets that connect to the internet have to be deleted. And widgets across various home screens which need constant updating and syncing also need to be ditched as it drains the battery. Users can instead just access the actual application instead of the widget.

11. Explore the battery saving features on your phone

Phones have multiple settings in the menu to aid conservation or optimization of battery consumption. This will vary from phone to phone depending on the brand.

While Samsung has Ultra Power Saving Mode, HTC has Extreme Power Saving Mode, Sony has STAMINA mode and so on. Users will need to explore such features and functions on their own to get the best power-saving features on their own in customized and innovative ways. Even the basic and generic battery saver can make a huge difference to the user in terms of power conservation.

12. Avoid auto-sync feature

Switching off auto-syncing for Google accounts will save a considerable amount of battery life. Users can go into Settings and turn off syncing for Google accounts. Auto-sync can be turned off for non-essential apps which will also save a bundle of power


This article covers the entire set of methods and techniques that exist to optimize and conserve battery power. It is best for users to pick and choose what technique or group of techniques suits them best to get the best result out of the power-saving methods that are mentioned above, and users will never be power-hungry again! If you have any tips, please share it in the comments section below.

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