Why We Love WWE Immortals (And You Should, Too!)

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Why We Love WWE Immortals (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love WWE Immortals (And You Should, Too!)



WWE- Standing for World Wrestling Entertainment is one thing that we all had been looking forward too. The actual WWE is all about the entertainment by real people in the real scenarios, working too hard to please us with their entertainment skills. And that pretty much turned into monotonous notes because every wrestler had one signature move that we all kind of grew used to, and learned it as well.

But the new WWE Immortals is just of a different level that actually emphasizes on the word- ENTERTAINMENT. It’s no longer about the realistic scenarios and the replicas that are just drawn out of the features of the real players. WWE Immortals gives us a view of a non-real situation with the moves that are no more concentrated toward that one person or the character. That’s what we love about WWE Immortals. The completely exaggerated situations that rush our adrenaline every time we enter the zone.

NetherRealm Studios have undoubtedly given their best work with the kind of game they’ve delivered with WWE Immortals. The one on one take of the characters or the players with such an amazing scenario that is so unpredictable to the players is the main catch of the entire update and entirely newly developed game by the guys.

It’s just not about you entering a zone and playing against a team of three. It’s more about the back story that each zone comes with, that each team comes up with. The back story will tell you about your allies, your actual enemies and how you’ll be needing to tackle the same. Here comes to play the ‘special move’ which is an exaggerated version of the character’s signature move in real life.

The signature moves don’t get boring or monotonous because they are really positively exaggerated and a surreal version of the real-life players. These moves and the battles are not developed in a way that would give the player a sense of realism. They are completely designed and developed to give the players a very surreal outlook and a very fiction-like feel.

A fun fact- WWE Immortals doesn’t really want the players to play it like a robot. They help you concentrate, use your mind-hand coordination along with your eyes. They really want you to think on the kind of battles you choose and the players you play for or against. Thatswhy, you can even use Android and iOS hack for WWE Immortals to level up your game and go faster in next round with free gems.

It’s an overall developing kind of thing that really helps you attain a concentration in what you’re doing. This is the only reason why this game becomes tough for the beginners and the ones who are yet to master their character, the one they chose.

The game doesn’t seem boring owing to the fact there are different difficulty levels and different stories to tell. Each difficulty level puts forth a different backstory and a different battle altogether. That’s the main reason why it’s absolutely the new craze of the youngsters. It takes time, of course, for the players to master their characters and up the game against the potential competitors and opponents. But that’s the main motive as well. That’s the reason why this is called “Entertainment” Gaming.

Turning wrestlers into superheroes, this game is on an absolute jaw-dropping level. At first, the player is bound to be overwhelmed by the kind of the game background, theme and the entire development around the motive have been done. It’ll take us back to our young age when we were pretty much obsessed with WWF and likes. The characters from the rings have been picked up and turned into really amazing super-heroes and super-villains with surreal stories and battles to fight for or against. You can be on either of the sides of the screen and you’ll need to master your hand at the game accordingly. It’s all about concentration and sticking to the game and the character, no matter how hard it goes.

Once you finish the single-player part of the activity there’s an internet based multi-player section patiently waiting for even more competitors to deal with. Real-time or not, the on the internet section is fun and should offer limitless battling long after the strategy is completed and you really get hold of the rhythm at which the battles are played.

We absolutely love feeling like a finger Ninja with the kind of game NetherRealm has developed. Are you loving it, too?

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