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This drop in current domestic prices was expected by everyone in the market. “Randy Bonds from BRIC International, the lead developer who has many big projects in Riviera Maya,” says says. Real estate is a cyclical market like the stock market. Always volatile trends. There is a great need to bring a kind of normality to the appreciation of this improvement that we are seeing. Riviera Maya, as well as the rest of the world, are directly related to events in America. These are some of the best buyers around the world, and when they try to figure out their next step in the states and where the market tends, they are more likely to flee the foreign market. In the past two years, the Riviera Maya has seen the highest rate of return from any other region in the world. When most investors exit the market, it does not operate without specific results. The next two years will be very important to see the reactions of builders, administrators and homes in the area. The builders who are being funded while they are in the midst of construction face a financial mess with the lack of funds to complete them and thus sell them at great discounts or leave the project unfinished. Investors who will be a little disappointed by the market buying themselves with the intention of reselling to make a big profit. We’ll start seeing another buyer market when builders and current owners start the price war down. Investors, builders and owners need to realize that patience is very important in this way at one time and this region does not reach anywhere and remains one of the most beautiful areas for real estate in the world. Looking at the stock market in the early 2000s, it is not much different from what we will see in the real estate market in the next 2-3 years. It is time to relax, evaluate and re-evaluate the coming years. “In my opinion, the downturn in the state housing market will be most beneficial to our market. The weaker market means lower demand for new homes and thus fewer homes. People may expect such a slowdown, because it seems to have reported data from the National Association of Home Builders ( NAHB): Expectations are 1.55 million – inventory / sales ratio – to start by the end of 2007, or 27% less than its peak …. low Buyer reflects bias towards traffic and build fewer homes in the future. In the end people will start to Looking for better “deals”, keen to buy a second home. In Mexico, they will look for investment opportunities, and will ensure that they follow a trend … putting their money near their homes in a safe emerging market where they have all the guarantees as foreign investors – EI Banktrust – and positive cash flows With a higher return on investment (higher rate of return), which makes it more attractive to invest to come home. Never forget what our market has and no one else owns: a wonderful Caribbean Sea and fantastic pyramids built from Myna! To name a few. If not There is a major change in events The economy, which can affect the Riviera Maya in any way, our market will boom more quickly than any professional … and it will compensate the recession in the states for our sales. It will change the data, my personal opinion. “

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