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Do you want to invest in real estate? Or are you looking for a property? I suggest you turn your interest in California. Due to the growing population and accompanied by the rapid growth of the economy in California, the state is becoming one of the best places for real estate business. The prices of property in some California cities are very high, but there are other places where you can satisfy your desire at an affordable price when real estate is concerned. In this article, you will get the most affordable real estate markets in California that you can budget for and be sure to afford.

You can invest in California real estate in towns like Yucca Valley. The city is best for people who love quiet surroundings for there is no traffic noise. Traditional houses are available in Yucca Valley with an affordable median property price. This is one of the towns in California real estate where you can get a property with traditional cash on cash return as low as two percent.

If you go to Lake County, consider Clearlake as your priority. As a real estate investor, you know suburban attracts many families, and this feeling is present in this town. Yeah, I told you real estate California can be affordable if you do your maths right. Imagine only half the population lives in owner-occupied properties, so if you invest in rental properties, you are sure of tenants. Real estate in Clearlake has a median property that is very affordable, with an approximated monthly rental income of above $1100. Remember, the cash on cash return is below 2%.

You do not have to invest in cities like San Francisco or San Jose. Even though they are the most popular cities, it does not mean they are the best places to own properties. Real estate California is extensive and since the state has many cities and towns which have an average population to suit every real estate investor.

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