Real Estate facts

The housing market expanded so quickly that it succumbed to its success. California, though not alone, is a sign of what happened. Prices have risen so much that only 15% of California residents can buy a middle-class home. You have to earn around $ 135,000 annually to get an “average” house. Reducing the sharp drop in the number of buyers is to inventory housing or build unsold homes. In fact, there are more homes in the country’s history than ever before. Unfortunately, they don’t know when to stop. Although there are fewer buyers, builders continue to build. Investors cannot continue buying because prices are so high that it is impossible to find people who can afford to pay high rents to pay mortgage payments to investors, let alone make a profit. So buyers’ investors pulled out. Lenders are becoming increasingly concerned about the growing mortgage glut and have trouble selling mortgage homes that are now closing barn doors. The estimate that allowed them to justify the crazy lending practices that have expelled them so far has been stopped. This underestimation also means that troubled borrowers cannot refinance their way out of financial problems or may sell their homes to avoid bank repurchases.

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