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I realized that the group was stacked against me when I started a few years ago at a seminar as a real estate investment student. I bought all real estate investment courses, participated in personal training, and saw many people around me fall by the side of the road. Several times I wanted to leave myself. You have your own story of the struggle in your career in real estate investing. With a good deal, you can only walk $ 5,000 or upset. With a subject deal or lease, it can take years to “tear” the property into your wallet before you can sell it to make a big profit. The biggest money I’ve seen people earn fast comes from Rehab and Short Sale conversations. Executing these types of deals can lead to a full time job. They work and work quickly, but they take a lot of time to implement. This is very important to understand real estate market cycles and as your market fits into the current stage of the market. If you want to succeed locally, you can follow strategies that work in the market. Otherwise, you have to do what you did and learn to invest where this makes sense, without having to invest where you live. Each strategy has its pros and cons. However, my view is that it is not appropriate for teachers to mock the people who raise this objection. This is a legitimate concern of intellectual investors, although it does not help in selling real estate investment courses in the Guru.

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