Luftwaffe dagger scabbard

Hanger is complete but needs repair. Dagger scabbard with traces of wear and damage in the form of dents and bends, one screw was lost. The reverse is deeply etched with the 1935-41 Eickhorn Squirrel trademark, and the original leather blade buffer is in place. 2cm) long and weighs a heavy 385g. Hanger straps are velvet backed. com - German dagger reproductions are prevalent in today's collector market and cover all branches of the German Military during WWII. Beautiful fittings on this Richard Abrams Horster tm dagger. The Dagger has the maker mark on the blade: F. The "RZM M7/37" (Robert Klaas) maker mark is crisp. Model Dagger with Chained Scabbard is in Excellent Condition. W. The second model had a metal scabbard with impressed decoration, and no leather covering. The scabbard shows the typical age coloring for this type of scabbard, but no dings or dents to report. Jan 24, 2018 · First Model Air Force Dagger, no scabbard Luftwaffe dagger, 1st type, without sheath. The photo of the scabbard mouth shows the cross section of the blade which is a shallow triangle. which has no scrapes or cracks. 00 Add to cart; WWII German Naval Officers Dagger $ 0. 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger Scabbard Shell. F/R. $595. GERMAN 1ST MODEL LUFTWAFFE DAGGER WITH SCABBARD Up for auction is an Authentic German WWII Luftwaffe 1st. 00 Read more; WWII German Officers Army Dagger $ 0 DBG Militaria : Military Edged Weapons - Boer War Militaria WW1 British Militaria WW1 German/ Austrian Militaria WW2 British Militaria WW2 German Militaria Post War Militaria Military Issued Watches WW2 Home Front/Home Guard WW2 American Militaria R. The celluloid grip is a deep pumpkin orange and is wrapped with twisted wire. AUCTION. Perfect grip and wire. Includes hanger. WW2 German Luftwaffe Dagger, 1st Pattern. REFERENCE ONLY. Anyways this dagger has a cream color grip with the full brass wrapped wire. ; Condition: EX++. If you have any questions regarding this item, you should contact the Seller before bidding. This F. MINT. Luftwaffe [1st Model - M1935] Dagger - F. Blade is in lovely condition with minimal surface marks, these may well clean back. Double engraved blade in great shape. This beautiful example with Ivory grips is made by WKC. Pebbling remains clearly visible. Description: 2nd Model WWII Nazi Luftwaffe dagger by F. It was adopted May, 1935 and ceased production May, 1943. It in not way condones the actions of any extremist regime or philosophy past present or future. WWII German 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger (MEW1925) $1,275. W. There is some minor oxidation spotting throughout the scabbard, but nothing to be concerned about, very typical with these. See more WW2 German Daggers Item # D-1072 $550. german dagger scabbard, WW2 Jacket, Luftwaffe Watch, Original WW2 Collectible US Medals & Ribbons, Other Original WW2 British Collectibles, m8 scabbard, Original WW2 Collectible US Uniforms, Ww2 Italian Miniature Luftwaffe Daggers » Miniatures » Miniature daggers Unfinished Miniature 1st Model Luftwaffe/DLV Scabbard (#29562) $95. l023775 officer's dagger hangers. Default Title - $0. S Militaria Archives De-activated gun Accessories WW1 Misc Militaria Military Edged Weapons WW2 Misc Militaria British Military German Luftwaffe 2nd Model dagger with black bone grip. 95. Sn 13067:20 - 13067:20. New Products For May - Military Edged Weapons. Also include are nice quality deluxe pattern, Luftwaffe officer’s dagger hangers consisting of two machine woven blue/grey rayon straps with a central waffle pattern weave. The dagger is 100% original and in excellent condition. 5/26/20 - This is a rare RAD Enlisted Rank's Hewer dagger. Additional · 604A Philippines barong dagger with carved hilt, blade length 36cm,  9 May 2018 Bid Live on Lot 886 in the Antiques to include specialist sections of ceramic, glass, guns, weapons, medals, militaria, sporting, taxidermy & toys Auction from Stroud Auctions Ltd. Luftwaffe daggers with an African ivory grip and etched blade made by the Emil Voos firm are very rare. This dagger is in very good condition as you can see from the photos. model · German WW2 View · German WW2 cavallry saber · German WW2 View · German WW2 bayonet Mauser K98 on number · German WW2  Lot includes Luftwaffe 2nd model scabbard and blade marked E. Pommel does not turn by hand and is a few degrees of the square. Overall with scabbard it measures approximately 16-1/2" across. The aluminum carry bands are somewhat worn and oxidized, which makes the oak leaves somewhat difficult to see. Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose German Luftwaffe WW2 Boot Knife Dagger w/ Scabbard Stamped Marked S On Blade Description: WWII German Boot Knife. The blade is exceptionally clean and the motto has all its original burnishing. ABR. × Luftwaffe Dagger by F. The dagger comes with nickel/silver plated scabbard with som pits on it. Pommel shows sharp detail with a few minor contact marks, the grip is a beautiful rare dark orange color and is tightly wrapped with twisted aluminum wire. The scabbard, portepee and hangers are also in excellent condition, no damage or repairs. , SOLINGEN"; Handle is wire wrapped leather and shows wear with discoloration and finish loss; Cross guard and 1st model Luftwaffe dagger, no scabbard, unmarked. The Air Force or Luftwaffe was considered the most powerful in its time. The leather on the scabbard a couple damaged spots and the blade has a few stains but over all its a pretty nice example. Silver plated ceremonial dagger; grip, yellow imitataion ivory; swastika on pommel; Luftwaffe eagle on cross guard; silver bullion knot tied to guard; steel scabbard. Chain hanger G1875. This 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger, produced by Höller, is an absolute textbook example and is in good condition. The pommel and the guard are aluminum. l017379 first pattern dagger scabbard. Well worn as seen. The scabbard is good but missing most for the paint. Clean scabbard as well as perfect grip. Overall Length: 38,5 cm, Blade length: 24,5 cm Weight: 378 gr Scabbard runner clean – the scabbard throat is removed then the internal runners are removed and cleaned (helps prevent further blade marks and an internal clean). The Pattern 1935 German Army Dress Dagger is one of a series of German daggers from the World War II era. With old, possibly period, paracord lanyard. German Edged Weapons - GWK-0169WPN WWII German Luftwaffe 1st Model Dagger: All original parts on a "Reddic" postwar etched blade. 10 Dec 2007 An authentic WW II german dagger still in great condition, added to my collections. This is the most interesting souvenir dagger I have had in a long time. The scabbard is attached to a base in the shape of a propellor. The dagger. The deluxe fittings feature very intricately detailed ornamentation with oak leaves. Helbig GAEFLER, Steinbach. Blue leather/metal liner. Been looking at some in the internet but haven't Naval Kriegsmarine Dagger with unmarked blade (WKC?) Overall in very nice condition with good blade that show some small spots of discoloration. Nice conditions SMF Solingen blade with a name on the back of the LW eagle, not sure could be the US vet or the German soldier. Comes with a partial hanger. $1,495. Display Status: Luftwaffe Dagger WW2 Nazi Germany The original German Nazi Luftwaffe dagger was adopted for wear by German officers and certain high ranking NCO's in 1937. WWII German 1st Model Luftwaffe dagger. The pommel cap has retained nearly 100% of its original factory detail, but has lost the gilding on the Swastika like most second model Luftwaffe daggers. Here we have a mid period scabbard with a aluminum chain and clip. Luftwaffe officer's dagger by WKC with hangers and portepee by WKC. This German 1933 SS Dagger with Scabbard is a top quality high carbon steel production of the infamous Model 1933 SS service dagger. 5cm overall. Unit Marked 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger Nearly flawless specimen, unit marked both on the crossguard and the scabbard throat. I would say the scabbard retains 95% of original lacquer. This beautiful 2nd model Luftwaffe dagger by SMF retains most of the gilding The scabbard is a real This one has the small logo similar to the dagger shown to the right on page 194 of Thomas Wittman’s book Exploring the Dress Daggers of the German Luftwaffe. &a Third Reich Luftwaffe Officer's 1st model dagger - Mid period alloy and plated fittings - Maker's mark "Ernst Pack & Sohne M. Hanger with normal wear having been in  GERMAN WWII ARMY DAGGER IN MINT + CONDITION INCLUDING SCABBARD - EARLY 1940's. This coloring matches the coloring of the grip fittings, as you can see. $140. The forged steel blade of this dagger is maker stamped by Tiger, and has a RJ RAD triangle above the maker stamp. It is designed with highly details to the original Imperial German Navy dagger. German WWII Luftwaffe officer's dress dagger, 2nd model, with hangers, a scabbard,. 00 Untouched and Uncleaned Luftwaffe Officer's Sword Untouched and Uncleaned Kriegsmarine 2nd Model Officer Service Dagger with Hammered Scabbard. The pommel is done with excellence around the oak leaves where there is visible hand enhancement, and the swastikas remain crisp. Credit Line. l016579 officer’s sword grip. The celluloid grip of this 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger is a lovely pumpkin orange color and in fine condition. The top and centre scabbard fittings having a fixed metal ring onto which to fix the dual chain hanger. Commonly referred to as . The picture on the right has a lot more definition to the pebbling. It has a nice mirror like finish and perfect point and a solid fit. 00 Add to cart Original WWII German SS Dagger Himmler Inscription Carl Eickhorn 17-114 Tarawa: Pack was a large suplier for a lot of small cottage producers indeed, but not their first type scabbard with the stiched scabbard bands, they were for Packs own use The dotted pommel is also an exclusively handenhancement for their own Packs. The company logo is also etched on the ricasso. You just need a decent scabbard to complete. The fit is tight like you want to see and the tip comes to a perfect point! The awesome blade rates an easily near mint to mint. These daggers are often found with a portepee , a decorative tassel wrapped about the grip. A. Nice blade and handle - no maker mark The scabbard does have a very minor ding on the reverse side about an inch below the lower scabbard band, but it is so small I only mention it for descriptions sake. Some of the most prominent features of the German Luftwaffe dagger include a decorative Nazi eagle carrying a swastika in its talons on the knife’s cross guard, a ornately decorated pommel with a prominent swastika at the center, and knife grips German Dagger Scabbard In Original Ww I German Edged Weapons German Dagger Scabbard In Collectible Daggers German Dagger Scabbard In other Collectible Swords & Sabers LD2 #42662 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger with Scabbard Dedication - Alcoso. Dagger scabbard contains acorns or oak leaves with explicit image of an anchor. Product Description ***SOLD*** Offered is a very good condition WW2 Luftwaffe Officer’s Sword & Scabbard. Product ID : 0127-200-021. H. Not all Luftwaffe dagger blades were maker stamped. The wooden handle coated with white celluloid has cracks, which, is very common for similar daggers. Leather scabbard and handle 99% perfect. Very nice example retains almost all its Black finish. Overall in good collectible condition with all original parts. Comes complete with deluxe hangers. The three Wehrmacht branchs also had swords for other ceremonies, such as inspections and the like. 15. K. Originally the daggers featured an anodized scabbard and utilized nice quality solid nickel/silver fittings while later models had cheaper nickel/silver plated fittings and painted scabbards. German Dagger Scabbard In Original Ww I German Edged Weapons German Dagger Scabbard In Collectible Daggers German Dagger Scabbard In other Collectible Swords & Sabers LUFTWAFFE 2nd MODEL DAGGER LETTER OPENER - 7 - Mid-war production miniature dagger. 9 ½“ total length and is representative of a very early example as there are simulated staples on the reverse to hold the scabbard fittings in place. model · German WW2 View · German WW2 cavallry saber 2nd model Luftwaffe o fficer by Carl Eickhorn . German WW2 Luftwaffe dagger 1. Helbig GAEFLER, 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger recently comes from a veteran's family, and it is complete with photos . Hitler Youth Dagger Scabbard with Original Leather $90 This is a decent solid example with some original paint and solid leather. German WWII > Edged Weapons > Luftwaffe, DLV & NSFK Daggers > 1st Model Luftwaffe Daggers A 1st Model (1934/35) Airforce Dagger (Luftwaffe Fliegerdolch). Handle, wire wrap complete. Ww2 Original . Flawless grip. In 1937, the Luftwaffe instituted a new dagger form, known to collectors as the second model. 5. Dec 22, 2018 · I have some concerns with the Luftwaffe dagger. made by “robert klass solingen”. These 1st pattern Luft daggers with aluminum fittings are my favorite of the luftwaffe daggers. $61. The scabbard has light paina on the metal fittings,  42031, German WWII Luftwaffe Dagger Hangers, $120 101735, Nice Early Anodized SA Brown Painted Dagger Scabbard, $200SOLD  Item 1 - 44 An early aluminum first model luftwaffe dagger by E. This dagger is a complete set! These retail for $800 to $1300 depending on condition. WW2 German 1st Model Luftwaffe dagger marker marked by SMF Solingen. Measures approximately 16" overall with a 10" Blade. Description. & F. . 00. WWII German 2nd Model Luftwaffe Officer’s Dagger with orange grip, portapee and deluxe hanger…Blade is not maker marked…One scabbard hanger has a separation as shown otherwise the set is in overall excellent condition. F. Price: $175. 3 Jul 2019 7/3/19 - This is an original 1st model Luftwaffe dagger, complete with the original scabbard and chain. The dagger was manufactured by Alcoso. The Luftwaffe knife shares many characteristics with its cousin the German Army dagger. This one will display well in your collection, and is a good vale too. I also have a Luftwaffe dagger hanger on a separate auction that would make a great set along with dagger. Blade is very good with some light wear. Rare Eickhorn Heinrich Himmler SS Honor Dagger with Hanger. There are no cracks or chips, oh just found a minor very minor hairline crack on the reverse side by the cross guard. Höller, Solingen. The majority of the oxidation is light, and has no texture, but there are some darker Original Aluminum 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger Upper Scabbard Fittings (#30598) $80. 00 Not all Luftwaffe dagger blades were maker stamped. Scabbard is lightening bolt motiff in excellent undented shape See pics $795 GERMAN LUFTWAFFE WW2 Boot Knife Dagger w/ Scabbard Stamped Marked S On Blade - $314. 34 Results German Dagger Scabbard Elite of motor corps Painted. The fantastic set of Luftwaffe Officer (potentially -General's) dagger hangers. However, the dagger was much more common, and the sword was rarely seen outside of ceremonies . Scabbard is  Description: Nazi German/Luftwaffe 2nd Pattern Dagger, Scabbard & Knot by Rudolf Büchel. the leather on the scabbard is very nice with some wear and age but all there. Scabbard is blue type. 00 . The pommel has swatikas on each side surrounded by oak leaves and retains its crisp detail. Scabbard has metal hanger. com. This is a nice 2nd model Luftwaffe dagger. There is a Deluxe-Senior Forest Officials Dress Cutlass with the Maker Marks - F. It has an attrative burnt orange celluloid grip with nice wire wrap. Scabbard has a matching finish and has a chain attached to it permanently. The fittings on these Luftwaffe dagger hangers are made of zinc, and where the  German WWII Luftwaffe Dagger Grip. The scabbard is straight and has a minor dell at mid-point on the reverse. The scabbard is an eye catching deep gray tone. Blade rates Exc ++ with most original cross graining present. The desirable plated blade on this one looks great. The body of the scabbard for the 2nd model Luftwaffe dagger had a pebbling finish on both sides. Donated by Eric M. The steel scabbard in a light grey anodised finish and with contrasting polished aluminium oakleaf bands. 92. The fittings on this dagger SMGL-2153 2nd Model Luftwaffe dagger by Clemen & Jung This is a typical late war example with a wood filled celluloid grip. The German Luftwaffe issued a dress dagger to it’s officers, for wear with the Walking-Out and Parade dress uniforms from 1934 until May 1945. The scabbard had the same dark blue Moroccan grade leather covering as the grip, with three scabbard fittings. The grip leather is in outstanding condition and is wrapped with dual aluminum wire. 5 cm Total length with grip: 38 cm Blade length: 25 cm Scabbard length: 30 cm Scabbard, grip ring, blade (without manufacturer) magnetic Scabbard has a very nice patina Original shock leather Disclaimer : This website is intended for collectors / dealers and enthusiasts of military items of historical interest. The Luftwaffe marked blade shows a good amount of sharpening. The scabbard of typical WKC manufacture, with one screw to the top. 7. The dagger blade is in excellent condition with etching throughout the blade. Grips are not broken, cracked or chipped. German WW2 Navy Dagger brass scabbard blitz scheide. scabbard. It shows surface scratches and minor oxidization spotting towards the tip. See the pictures. This is a wonderful piece of history and would make a great addition to any collection and make the owner proud. 74 cm long, nickel/silver plated blade, with a central fuller running from the cross guard about, 30cm long down the blade towards the tip. SMGDP-22 DJ Scabbard/Sheath RARE *REDUCED 170. 4. Although it was not stamped properly and they forgot the stap the ‘C’. Because of the age, it does show signs of use. There are some minor oxidation spots throughout but otherwise the blade is in nice condition. This is just a beautiful example of a Luftwaffe dagger with  This WKC dagger is a real looker I always liked the hammered scabbard the best. WW2 LUFTWAFFE DAGGER Scabbard First Model WWII German - $92. It was a status symbol for the officers and while it served little practical purpose, it was ceremonial. This scabbard is a fine, straight example, having an aged zinc plating over the steel base, with a lot of patina. The German Luftwaffe Dagger was a standard accessory for officers and certain high-ranking NCOs of the elite Luftwaffe (German Air Force). A clean example with a bright blade, unmarked as to maker or Luftwaffe  SMGDP-27 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger Scabbard Mid/Transitional *SOLD. This early dagger (Circa 1935-1936) has a blade that roughly measures 12 1/8" long. Not junk. German Militaria(Luftwaffe 1st Model Dagger) Product Id: #3869. The fittings were generally produced in a gray finish , although nickel or silver plating was available. Estimate ?300-500 Blade with a few light scratches and a couple of small light blemishes but to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions. Standard Luftwaffe dark grey / brown scabbard in super condition with oak leaf binding hanging bands. Can not be upgraded. has great fittings and beautiful orange grip and wire. Specialized in original pilot and flight related uniforms, flight jackets, caps, medals, badges, insignia and equipment of the German Luftwaffe during World War II. Luftwaffe Militaria - Daggers. Waffenfabrik Solingen" - Materials: wooden grip and steel scabbard both covered in Moroccan leather, fittings alloy and plated - stylised wings form the crossguard Luftwaffe - officer’s dagger 3rd Reich WW2 Condition: good Total length with sheath: 42. Original Item: Only One Available. German WWII K98 Bayonet. Scarce dark orange celluloid grip, with full wire wrap, rotating large swastika & oakleaf pommel, with eagle & swastika flying eagle aluminium guard. SMF maker. Holler of Solingen. C/R. l006279 officer's dagger hangers. Blade is Aluminum 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger E&F Horster Gem quality 1st model luftwaffe dagger displaying nearly 100% gilding on the pommel and crossguard sun wheel swastikas. The portepee is a little worn. German Luftwaffe Type I Dagger with Scabbard and Hanger; Dagger with scabbard measures about 19" overall with about 12-1/4" blade; Blade appears to be unsharpened and is stamped at the ricasso with an oval logo of a dagger flanked by laurel leaves encircled with "PAUL WEYERSBERG CO. There is a slight rubbing on the leather of the scabbard in a small place (see photo) but other than that this dagger is perfect. SOUTH AFRICAN 1907 BAYONET & SCABBARD & LEATHER FROG DATED 1942. An original first model luft scabbard. The plated blade. SMGDP-14 German Army Dagger Scabbard 200. Scabbard is also sturdy. Oct 25, 2012 · WW2 German Luftwaffe Dagger : Late war example of a very clean WW2 German Luftwaffe Dagger. Minor blemishes on the scabbard that may or may not come out. Ricasso is marked Eickhorn Solingen. Very nice original example of the 1937 pattern dagger with exceptional fittings! 2nd Model Luftwaffe Officer’s Dagger by Krebs – D621. Please note that some very early 1 st Luftwaffe daggers can be found with the staples on a shorter scabbard body. The leather on the scabbard a couple damaged spots and the blade has a  Steel scabbard retains approximately 90% of the original black paint showing minor 3rd Reich Luftwaffe dagger, second model with white celluloid coated  Original Nazi Era German Luftwaffe Officer's Sword Code: 30132 Original WWII German Army (Heer) Officer's Dagger Scabbard Code: 34845. )LUFTWAFFE OFFICER'S DAGGER, 1st MODEL: gem quality 1st model with an impeccably clean nickel-plated blade. Free shipping on many items  The steel scabbard usually was matching finish with pebble panels and oak leaved lower section. The scabbard bands are extremely fine on E. Condition is Used. Condition: MINT/Unfinished. Luftwaffe Dagger Luftwaffe Daggers. Scabbard with no bends. & A. German WWII 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger Scabbard. Below is a clamshell having a left quillion that rises upward, ending in a teardrop. Blade measures approximately 9-3/4" across. This 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger is a mid-period example, with hilt mounts of silvered pot metal and scabbard mounts of silvered steel. Plain, gilted brass hilt fittings. SOLINGEN" in excellent condition having a blade with graying and runner marks and some light scratches with the grip and fittings being in excellent condition and the scabbard being finished in airplane gray and the portepee being original to the piece. Nice detailed pommel and crossguard. Dagger comes with Anchor motif on the blade and other than the motif on the scabbard the dagger itself is the same as the standard KM Dagger this will be a nice addition to any dagger collection at a fraction to the price daggers are going for these days. The chain is original but has been put on to the dagger using  German WWII 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger, No Scabbard: Original era manufacture. Luftwaffe 1st Model Dagger by "Alcoso" Price: $895. Feb 08, 2017 · Found this supposed Luftwaffe dagger and hopefully someone will help me determine if it's real and worthy of getting, the seller wants $500 for it. 139 - German WW2 Luftwaffe Paratrooper Knife W/ Lanyard Wood handle WW2 Luftwaffe paratroopers knife. Thanks for looking! 402157227553 WW2 Luftwaffe Officers Dagger Scabbard With Original Hanger Only $600. The blade length is 6". Original pre-1945 Nazi relics and German militaria bought and sold. The hanger and chain are unmarked but look aged and feel original. As with the Army dagger this dagger can be found on rare occasion with a gold finished scabbard done in a dull brass gold finish, possibly for use by officers of the rank of General. Results 1 - 25 of 158 Get the best deals on german dagger scabbard when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. This page is dedicated to expose some of the more blatant reproductions and the minor details that can sometimes be used to determine a good dagger from a reproduction. First pattern Luftwaffe dagger. When one is found with NO waffen stamp it is a personal owned dagger. Hans Schurig 1933 Dated with Scabbard 20-180 $ 1,295. The hilt is excellent++. The lower scabbard fittings end is a give away on these as there are three, and on some, four end spirals rather that the two end spirals found on a Luftwaffe 1 st dagger. That would make me wait for a more experienced LW dagger expert. Wear to the scabbard and handle, dagger has never been cleaned it appears. Values for A German Third Reich Luftwaffe dagger with scabbard 20in. Excellent condition with no hidden problems. German Army Dress Daggers Pattern 1935. Ships only to lower 48 states. Auction Details Antiques, Fine Art & Collectors Auction. This dagger features an African ivory grip with a twist wire wrap. Mar 18, 2014 · REVIEW,REPLICA GERMAN MADE WW2 GERMAN 1937 PATTERN LUFTWAFFE DAGGER Military Collectables Luftwaffe Dagger Review Authentic WWII German SS Chain Dagger & Scabbard Nazi World War II WW2 by Early 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger w/Portepee & Variation Scabbard (#30347) SMF, seated king TM. Here are the pic's from his site and you can see the scabbard and also that the  MINT, WW2 Era Nazi 1937 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe Officer's Dagger By Eickhorn Solingen With Scabbard. good aluminum cross guard and pommel. The knife fits well into the scabbard. Looking to buy or sell a German WWII Luftwaffe dagger? Lakesidetrader sells hundreds of 1st and 2nd model Luftwaffe daggers every year. Tight wound wire with white handle and gold portepee. Several stitches would mostly fix this. No dents to scabbard and all fittings match in patina. The First Model Luftwaffe  THE HISTORY OF THE 2ND MODEL LUFTWAFFE DAGGER production miniature dagger. There is no maker mark on the very clean and straight blade. Good clean blade SMF Solingen, nickle fittings, not plated. May 18, 2002 · The Luftwaffe dagger was a status symbol for her officers, and they wore their daggers proudly. The blade, handle and scabbard are in excellent condition. . WW2 Luftwaffe Officers Dagger Scabbard With Original Hanger Only. n006. Views: 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger Scabbard (#30915) $595. 1 st pattern Luftwaffe and Luftwaffe Sword scabbard and grip leather replacement - scabbard leather replacement using the Goat leather in navy blue as used originally. The raised sunwheels do not have any gilding left on them but remain crisp. Lipman  Description. The scabbard also is super clean with pebbled panels retaining the original blue. B. More Photos 1511EW3 - Army officer dagger with portepee by Carl Eickhorn. A German WW II period Luftwaffe officer's dagger by E & F Horster, the double edged polished steel blade (31cm), with Solingen engraved mark, wire bound black leather handle and matching scabbard with belt chain, dagger 45. $550. The blade on this one rates an Exc+. German Luftwaffe Officer's Dagger And Sheath, German WWII Early 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger Scabbard Fittings & Scabbar German Officer Luftwaffe Dagger With Scabbard WW2 Rep. By war's end in 1945, these daggers were already being reproduced to sell to souvenir-hunting GI's. Horster Solingen. Nice looking Luftwaffe Second Model Officer's Dagger by "RICH. The picture on the left shows a less deep variation. Shipping is $10. This Luftwaffe Dagger has the yellow grip. Pinterest · Twitter · Facebook · Listed by   German Luftwaffe Type I Dagger with Scabbard and Hanger; Dagger with scabbard measures about 19" overall with about 12-1/4" blade; Blade appears to be  341 Items The Dagger in the scabbard measures a total of 17” (43. The blue leather leather grip is excellent, as is the blade, which is heavily greased, and marked Alcoso,, Solingen. The dagger is one the aluminum types. an affordable luftwaffe dagger that has never been cleaned. Blade is nice with normal wear and scabbard contacts. l014678 officer's dagger hangers. It is chip-free. Silvered metal scabbard measures 296 mm, magnetic, with a traditional pebbled finish, crisp ball finial, the throat retained by two mounted screws, oak leaf bands with rings, is free of dents, surface rust on the tip of the ball finial, with overall  #210 – German WWII 2nd model Luftwaffe dagger in scabbard, having flat plain in center of blade, blade marked near base "Siegfried Ernst Pack Sohne M-B-H WaffenFabrik Solingen Waffen" orange celluloid grip with spiral wire decoration,   Silver plated ceremonial dagger; grip, yellow imitataion ivory; swastika on pommel; Luftwaffe eagle on cross guard; silver bullion knot tied to guard; steel scabbard. Condition: Near MINT. There is however lifting of the plating and oxidation in those places, as shown. A 2nd model Luftwaffe dagger made and marked by SMF. the leather is a bit on the dry side. $55. £ 260. on one side and an 18 crossed out on other side. Knife, 6 1/8", not including metal hoop. Some staining on blade; could be polished, but I have left it as is. These daggers are often found with a portepee, a decorative  The scabbard mounts are retained by headless screws, one of which is missing on the lower left side. The grip is in overall good condition with a couple of chips and cracks The dagger also comes complete with its original magnetic sheet steel scabbard. SOLD Kriegsmarine Dagger E&F Hörster Solingen. No looseness in handle/blade. The scabbard of the dagger is constructed with steel and two suspension rings are used to hang the dagger. A M1937 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger (Fliegerdolch) by SMF. The pommel with engraved band bearing the owner’s name, ‘J. Item #GEW-008. 00 The scabbard shows light to moderate age and usage with some small spots of wear to the base metal. The scabbard does not have any dents and is very clean. The top pommel is not tight so this could be one of those daggers put together for the GI at the end of the war with all new original unissued parts. Bid online on 211 Dagger auction lots for sale at the-saleroom. SMF typically used plated blades. bright blade shows light scabbard wear. its almost to minor to me These are realy hot at the moment! A genuine kriegsmarine dagger with a hammered scabbard. FEEL FREE TO REA. Ebay rules this item can not be listed for auction on thier site,  Nazi Luftwaffe 1st Model Dagger-Shows some light wear-Aluminum hilt and Scabbard shows no tears to leather covered shell but some depressions & light  sidearm, dagger: German, Luftwaffe (2nd Pattern) Scabbard is flat-bodied tapered tube, rimmed mouthpiece secured by two small screw bolts. has a few spots, but overall is in excellent shape and has the Luftwaffe. Would make a great addition to any 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger. Naval hangers are probably repro but present well for display. Upon close inspection, however, the pommel does show some signs of use on the surfaces, as does the The dagger was intended as an ornamental item and the design was based on the traditional 16TH century Swiss "Holbein" hunting dagger. In 1937 the German Air Ministry announced the adoption of a new, 2nd pattern dagger for Luftwaffe Officers (see  230 items German naval offices parade dagger World War II etched blade, silver pommel and scabbard maker Wkc Show 11 more German Luftwaffe offices parade dagger circa World War II, 1st pattern, scabbard with hanging chain straps. Daggers German WWII Army Parts Dagger, Schuttelhofer Blade. (SOLD or NOT FOR SALE WW2 German Army Officer's Dagger. Bayonet has the wooden grips which show very little use or wear. Sale Date(s) 12 Feb 2020 10:30 GMT Venue Address The scabbard is held together by eleven dark wood pegs. Not sure if all of the parts are authentic. CHECK OUT OUR STORE FOR OUR 1st MODEL GERMAN LUFTWAFFE DAGGER. The steel scabbard usually was matching finish with pebble panels and oak leaved lower section. Army Officer Dagger Scabbard Fittings The dagger fits well into the scabbard, but the handle is very slightly loose. Marked under cross guard F. Army Officer Dagger Scabbard Fittings SMGDP-29 First Model Luftwaffe Ferrule 40. Dagger Scabbard With Luftwaffe Sword Top Fitting, $75.   The blade is a choice nickel plated finish that is nice and bright with cross visible throughout. Pack daggers as is the ball-top pommel. 00 USD. LUFTWAFFE 2nd MODEL DAGGER LETTER OPENER - 7 - Mid-war production miniature dagger. WW2 LUFTWAFFE OFFICERS Dagger Scabbard With Original Hanger Only - $600. Original WW2 GERMAN NAZI LUFTWAFFE ALCOSO DAGGER Alex Coppel - 17074833 Buyer Tip: Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item. Though 2nd Model Luftwaffe daggers by the edged weapon firm of Carl Julius Krebs show as being common on the rarity list, I honestly cannot remember ever having this maker before. Dagger pommel has some damage. 5" Over All. The majority of the oxidation is light, and has no texture, but there are some darker A M1937 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger (Fliegerdolch) by SMF. The aluminum hilt and pommel retain their high sheen. A near mint dagger with portions of the Gold remaining on pommel. Scabbard Shells, Fittings and Screws. This dagger is measured at 19” overall long, and the blade is measured at 15”. This will be added to the purchase price. Very good looking dagger with portepee. The scabbard has a dent, but a blade will still fit. No scabbard. Daggers German WWII 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger Hangers . The dagger has all markings (very hard to find). There's also light oxidation throughout the blade as shown in photos. Exterior is nearly flawless with 99% perfect aluminum finish. Nice sharp point, no sign of sharpening or grinding on blade. Current Price: $200 Bids: WW2 German Luftwaffe Dagger Hanger WWII. Höller Solingen with portepee. SOLD DL2-157. A fantastic example with a good portepee. Miniature Luftwaffe Daggers » Miniatures » Miniature daggers Unfinished Miniature 1st Model Luftwaffe/DLV Scabbard (#29562) $95. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Thanks for looking! 402157227553 This scabbard is a fine, straight example, having an aged zinc plating over the steel base, with a lot of patina. Combat issue this is a complete set. Wardaggers. The pommel and crossguard in aluminium. Holler with leather washer; army dagger scabbard with a couple of dents; Luftwaffe 1st model scabbard; rough Army officer's portepee; Army officer's dagger handle with   22 Dec 2018 Your scabbard does not have those screws. And the upper hilt is beautiful and bright. Blade worn with plating loss near tip of blade. The hangers and knot in good condition. The Air Force Nazi Dagger. The crossguard bore a Luftwaffe eagle, clutching a swastika. $80. l007678 officer's dagger hangers. The Luftwaffe Type 2 dagger entered use in October 1937 and was discontinued from dress wear in December 1944. The miniature second model Luftwaffe officer’s dagger is approximately 9 1/4 inches long in the scabbard, placing it in the class of a three-quarter size dagger. The overall length of the blade and handle is 11". It has fine aluminum hilt mounts. Feb 12, 2020 · WWII GERMAN LUFTWAFFE DAGGER WITH SCABBARD. 00 ( Sold Price ). 140 - SA Dress Dagger (Replica) With Scabbard Blade "Alles Fur Deutschland". German Luftwaffe Officers Dress Dagger with Portapee. This is the second time I’ve owned this one. wwii german 2nd model luftwaffe dagger. Descriptions: the pommel and cross guard are made of cast aluminum, with some gold finish loss on the top of the eagle wings from rubbing on the uniform when worn. The scabbard looks authentic but the bands (where the hanger goes) look crude and not original. An early aluminum first model luftwaffe dagger by E. 00 Read more; WWII German Matching K98 Bayonet and Scabbard Dated 1940 $ 0. The pommel is in good shape, with no hits to the rims. Jan 26, 2020 · Lot 5: WWII German Luftwaffe dagger with scabbard first model Lot 6: German Red Cross Deutsches Rotes Kreuz DRK heuwer Lot 7: WWII German NSKK dress dagger early made by Carl Heidelberg Solingen This WKC dagger is a real looker I always liked the hammered scabbard the best. German WWII Luftwaffe Dagger Dagger Scabbard Chain, SA High Leader Chain - TEMPORARILY NOT AVAILABLE. We buy and sell WWII German daggers, swords, uniforms, helmets, hats, medals, badges, flags and more! The dagger has a molded, orange, bakelite grip with the correct, fine, twisted silver/aluminum wire wrap inset into the diagonally angled grooves. Nazi Style 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger with Scabbard. The hangers are very good, but one spot is slightly worn. There are scratches and pitting throughout the Nice 1st model Luftwaffe dagger marked Paul Weyersburg. brilliant and pristine blade. WWII German Luftwaffe/ Air Force 2nd Model Dress Dagger w/ scabbard. A cello portepee is tied around the ivory grip The full length blade features a floral pattern etch on the obverse with a highly detailed central Luftwaffe 2nd pattern eagle. navy dagger x eickhorn Another one out of the collection is a real looker with the creamy brown handle and with the original portopee. 00 Original Aluminum 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger Upper Scabbard Fittings (#30598). WWII German Luftwaffe Dagger $ 0. GERMAN SA DAGGER & SCABBARD RZM M7/40 HARTKOPF & Co - GWK-0156WPN WWII German Luftwaffe 2nd Model Dagger: Made by the SMF firm of Solingen it has the desirable LW property stamp showing that this was an issued piece and not privately owned. Höller Solingen. The Luftwaffe dagger blade polished and bearing the WKC maker-name and cartouche. The Luftwaffe dagger with a deep yellow ivorine grip complete with fine wire binding. A small "dent" in one grip, otherwise they are very nice. Has a name very lightly engraved on blade as follows: "Fw. This is a very good example of a 2nd Model Luftwaffe dagger, typical of the style produced later in the war, complete with portepee and a very nice belt hanger. German WW2 second model Luftwaffe dagger with hangers. 00 Read more; WWII German Matching K98 Bayonet, Scabbard and Frog $ 550. 293270571426 WW2 LUFTWAFFE DAGGER Scabbard First Model WWII German - $92. Beautiful WW2 German Luftwaffe Dagger 1st pattern by E&F Horster. This dagger is in excellent shape and complete with hangers and portepee! The nickel plated blade is near mint and has the makers mark of Paul Weyersberg as well as a Waffenamt marking. Product ID : 0127-138-032. Early SS Dagger Scabbard (#30872) $525. The dagger came with a metal scabbard with two rings affixed to the side. With unmarked blade, wood handle. The dagger manufactured by Tiger, Solingen, and with Damascus blade made by the master swordsmith, Paul Dinger. N. This 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger is a textbook Alcoso piece. Ww2 Original German Mauser K98 Luftwaffe Bayo Scabbard Frog Relic Battlefield. No sign of Use. With blade extended, 10 1/8". The blade is in fantastic shape with a beautiful appearance, but there are a few very small discolorations but it has no nicks to the edges. A Philippines barong dagger with carved hilt, blade length 36cm, in wooded scabbard. luftwaffe edged weapons. Blade is Black finish, oiled and has its serial number 2867 k, the Scabbard serial number is 2923. Luftwaffe Dagger that is unmarked with scabbard. German WWII First Model Luftwaffe Dagger by E&F Hörster **STILL AVAILABLE**-Miniature Example-this beauty measure approx. Dagger blade contains markings of a superimposed eagle and swastika over an anchor. 13 11/16". Body has two  Third Reich SS / SA Service Dagger Aluminum Grip Eagle RZM M1/8. and there is a little spot on the scabbard. l023381 second pattern, officer's dagger pommel & cross guard. This website is for historical and educational purposes only and does not represent any political view. Nice 1st model Luftwaffe dagger marked Paul Weyersburg. With scabbard, portapee, and hanger. Used (normal wear), You are viewing an original WWII German Luftwaffe Officers Dagger 2nd pattern with Original scabbard, portapee, and hangers. The upper  The scabbard shows surface rusting. on Feb 01, 2020 German WWII Luftwaffe dagger W/Scabbard Replica Description: German WWII Luftwaffe dagger W/Scabbard Replica. Has a nice look. 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger Scabbard (#30915). wire wrapped yellow plastic grip is cracked and chipped with the worst being on the lower rear. Nice WWII German Luftwaffe dagger with scabbard made by WKC. Very good overall condition. 00 Buy It Now 21d 6h , Click to see shipping cost , eBay Money Back Guarantee Seller: brentsantiquesinc (2,722) 100% , Location: Greensboro, North Carolina , Ships to: US, Item: 293270571426 WW2 Luftwaffe Officers Dagger Scabbard With Original Hanger Only. The scabbard shares a similar medium gray tone as the grip fittings, and has some minor surface oxidation spotting from age, which is normal. 201EW2  A Nazi Luftwaffe dagger in scabbard with orange handle. The appearance of the Luftwaffe daggers may vary from one another because there were many manufacturers making them and the RZM may not have been implemented at the point of production. It is still wrapped with a twisted pair of wires, which have a lovely patina. Nice condition with some light pitting and wear on blade. Tip is perfect too and mirror-like blade displays only the slightest and most insignificant surface blemishes. No reserve has been set on this item, a sure plus for this gorgeous An early Luftwaffe Officers dagger , 25cm blade in excellent undamaged condition with unmarked blade ( some marking on the tang ) showing a maiden hair pattern steel blade This blade also passes the thumbnail test. The definition and depth of the finish would vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The M33 SS Dagger represents one of the most sought after blades to collect due to the fact that these daggers were issued to members of the most elite fighting force in the Third Reich. acceptance stamp. The crossguard eagle flies to the left and cluthes a swastika in its talons. RETHREAD AND INSTALL MISSING SCABBARD SCREWS FOR POLITICAL SCABBARDS, LUFTWAFFE, ET CETERA; POLISHING EXISTING FINISHES TO METAL DAGGER PARTS AND BLADES; DENT REMOVAL FROM ARMY, NAVAL SCABBARDS AND OTHERS; INSTALLATION OF MISSING SCABBARD STAPLES; Give us a call if you have any questions or need work other than that mentioned above. This new dagger was similar to that worn by officers of the German Army. 00 Read more; WWII German Naval Officers Dagger VERY NICE $ 0. The dagger is 12 inches overall with a 7 1/2 inch blade. This is an original period piece, shows some use but remains in great shape. Pommel has a ding and leather scabbard cover shows edge wear. Current Price: $77  This 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger has good airplane gray darkened fittings Scabbard: The scabbard is a generic style, having a good, airplane gray finish and  German WW2 Navy Dagger brass scabbard blitz scheide. Handle has dark blue leather covering but wire is long gone. nice matching scabbard. The blade has some significant scratches and dings to the edges, as it looks like some kids or GI's blade "swords" with it. Original WWII German Presentation Dagger Finnish Puukko Knife to Dr. 00 1st pattern German Luftwaffe Dagger by Herder | Militaria | WARSTUFF. The flat, scalloped crossguard has a palm tree engraved on it. The handle has a little scuff marks but otherwise in great shape. WW2 German Luftwaffe 1st Model Dagger: WW2 German 1st Model Luftwaffe dagger marker marked by SMF Solingen. 99. Windhausen’. l012278 officer's dagger hangers. There is a ding towards the bottom of the scabbard shell. The brown painted scabbard is beautifully executed retaining about 97 percent of the coverage. Dagger Scabbard Chain, SA  27 results M98/05 German bayonet with scabbard - silver steel Slideshow, M98/05 German bayonet with scabbard - silver Luftwaffe troop‚s dagger, blade of steel not sharp, 40 cm long Slideshow, Luftwaffe Luftwaffe troop‚s dagger, blade of  A very attractive and collectable WWII Luftwaffe 'Nazi' Officers's Dagger. The original tan leather GERMAN WWII LUFTWAFFE 1st Model Dagger - Corynthian leather handle with silver wire wrapping. The scabbard is excellent too. WW2 German Luftwaffe dagger in very good condition, nice grip, wire intact throughout, very little wear on any of the fittings, smallest amount of wear to the back of the cross guard that shows it was worn for a very limited period. Dagger has a pumpkin colored trylon grip in fantastic shape. A very attractive Puma Luftwaffe dagger here! Take a good look at the pictures to see for yourself. luftwaffe dagger scabbard

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