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YouTube Upgrades Its Android App

YouTube had updated to version 2.3.4 for android platform when there is still too much inovitive functions, but also get some practical ones. Regardless of if you�re a big video watcher, or someone who�s more into uploading your own clips, there should be something in this release to catch your …

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Without Adobe Flash, Is Android Safer?

With Adobe killing mobile Flash in the browser, malware writers may have a tougher time attacking Android. Most exploit packs target Flash and other Adobe products, including Flash Player for Android. In fact Adobe updated its mobile Flash Player just today to version, which fixed “critical” security vulnerabilities intended …

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Android will be more secure than iOS

Many people believe that Android mobile operation system is not as secure as ios or WP7 because of it�s an open source, but Paypal believes that this OS will be safer that other close-source operation systems in the future. The PayPal�s principal security architect, Hadi Nahari explained that more and …

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Yahoo Weather in Android

Yahoo has accelerated themovement of mobile terminal applications, recently launched 4 apps continuously, including the android version of Yahoo Weather. As a practical level application, Yahoo Weather built-in 35 countries languages. Like as most of weather apps, Yahoo Weather has a very beautiful interface, to describe the weather with image-text. …

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