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Google Celebrates 10 Billion Android Downloads

Google is closing the �app gap� in the smartphone market, at least when it comes to downloads. The company announced on Tuesday that Android users have downloaded some 10 billion apps to date on the Android Market, and that its monthly download rate has crossed the 1 billion mark. As you can see in the …

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Most Android Devices Now Running Gingerbread

Google has released more than 6 versions of the Android operation system for portable devices. But the main Android-based devices are running one of the more recent version of the OS � Gingerbread. Android 2.2 Froyo is still on 35.3% of Android phones as there are 50.6 percent of Android …

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Android in 2012: What�s Next

Google only scratched the surface with the latest improvements to its Android mobile operating system. Users have been left wanting more, and they are likely to get it in 2012. Better graphics, better cameras, and maybe even a voice-command feature similar to Siri–bundled with the latest iteration of Apple’s iOS …

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Your Android Phone Is Secretly Recording Everything You Do

If you have any decently modern Android phone, everything you do is being recorded by hidden software lurking inside. It even circumvents web encryption and grabs everything�including your passwords and Google queries. Worse: it’s the handset manufacturers and the carriers who�in the name of “making your user experience better”�install this …

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Meet Cluzee, Android's next Siri alternative

Cluzee is the latest attempt to replicate the Siri experience on Android. Android users looking to replicate the Siri experience have another option now, with the introduction of an app called Cluzee. Developed by startup Tronton and touted as a “talking intelligent personal digital assistant,” Cluzee attempts to step up …

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Top 3 Apps for Android: Keep Track of Everything

Locale$1 Locale lets you create location-based tasks. For example, you can have your phone turn on Wi-Fi when you get home, or have the phone silence itself when you get to work. It�s a great way to automate minor tasks, saving you a few extra minutes�and the embarrassment of having …

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Black Friday deal-hunting apps for Android

Sure, you can download them all to make sure you’ve got your bases covered, but we’re thinking you probably don’t want to be fumbling through an unwieldy app drawer while throwing elbows in department store aisles. So, we’ve taken the time to highlight just the essential Android apps for hunting …

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Android 4.0 to get Flash Player by year's end ?

Although Adobe had announced that Flash Player for mobile browsers had stop developing, now it will provide one more version of Flash Player for the new android 4.0 OS in the end of 2011. The Flash Player version for Android 4.0 will be available for download to the new Samsung …

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McAfee: Malware loves Android

Android has a new stalker: malware, and it’s put a bull’s-eye on Google’s mobile operating system, according to a new McAfee report. If you own an Android phone, the first thing you need to do is not panic. But you do need to be aware of the lurking dangers out …

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