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Tracfone Match & Win – What Is It?

How to Play the Match & Win Contest from Tracfone In this post by TracfoneReviewer we share information on a contest offered by Tracfone between October and November of 2015. We hope this information will be useful and help you win some prizes! Learn about the Tracfone Match and Win …

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Worst Tracfone Cell Phones

List of the Worst Devices from Tracfone This post is created by TracfoneReviewer and shares some of the phones we wouldn’t recommend for most Tracfone users.  Worst Tracfone Cell Phone – photo from PicJumbo.com Tracfone is a prepaid wireless cell phone company that provides low cost phones and cell coverage. …

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LG Sunrise L15G Tracfone Android Review

LG Sunrise Review with Full Specs and Features for this Android Smartphone This review by TracfoneReviewer covers the LG Sunrise and will detail the major features for this phone, as well as our comparison to other options available. We hope this information will be helpful, and will continue to update …

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How Data Works on Tracfone Android Devices

All About Tracfone Data Cards Welcome to the TracfoneReviewer blog! This post will share specifics on how data works on smartphones with Tracfone. Be sure to also take a look at some of our other posts while you’re here. Data Cards for Tracfone Update – Some of the prices and …

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GSM 4G LTE Activation Kit for Tracfone BYOP Available

Bring Your AT&T/GSM Smartphone to Tracfone This information regarding bringing GSM devices to use with Tracfone is brought to you by TracfoneReviewer and we will continue to update and share additional information here as we know more. Stay tuned! News about Tracfone GSM Activation Kit Tracfone Wireless appears to finally be …

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4G LTE with Tracfone BYOP

Use 4G LTE Smartphones with Tracfone BYOP program This post details the latest on Tracfone BYOP and 4G LTE. We will continue to update it, as well as our main Tracfone BYOP page which also contains a list of compatible phones.  Tracfone BYOP 4G LTE  We are excited to share …

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How Many Minutes Does Texting Cost for TracFone?

How Much Does Texting Cost for Tracfone? This is a relatively common question many people have when looking at buying a Tracfone cell phone. Cell Phone Closeup By seanmcmenemy Tracfone is a prepaid, no-contract cell phone service provider. They have low cost minute cards, and many cell phones for under $100 (and even under …

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What is the Best Tracfone?

Which Tracfone Device is the Best? This a popular question here on TracfoneReviewer, and we will share with you which Tracfone smartphone is the best overall phone, as well as compare it to the other options available. Our Pick for the Best Tracfone Device Note – This post is a …

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Tracfone Sales and Deals for 2015!

Sales and Discounts on Tracfone Minutes and Cell Phones for 2015 Enjoy this list of great deals and sales we’ve tracked down for you. These are some of the best prices we’ve seen, and are through a variety of different sources. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Deals, Discounts and …

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