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How to sync subtitle in VLC player?

Subtitles may sometimes be required when you are watching a movie of foreign language or when there are some jargon which you may not be familiar with or just to follow all the dialogues. Unfortunately, you may have searched and found subtitles on the internet but later you found the …

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How To Load and Use Custom Shapes In Photoshop?

In this post, we'll see how to load and use Custom Shapes in Photoshop. But before we do, let us understand what are Custom Shapes. Custom Shapes are Photoshop files with a .csh extension and are vector based shapes that are re-usable in Photoshop. Photoshop comes with some default shapes …

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How To Create Categories Pages In Blogger?

In this Blogger Tips post, we will see how to create category pages in Blogger. As we know, Blogger uses categories called "labels". When we click on a particular label, a page is displayed that had all the posts with that particular label. We can use this feature to create …

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