WhatsApp: How to Backup All Conversations

//WhatsApp: How to Backup All Conversations

WhatsApp: How to Backup All Conversations

WhatsApp, one of the most popular Messaging App which was owned by Facebook recently. We all love chatting with our friends, relatives and also with colleagues. Some users want to save their messages while some don’t. Many of us remember/Enjoy the things by reading the messages again and again. But what if the App clears your data or the app is deleted accidentally. It’s always better to keep the Data Backed up. So, Let’s talk about How to Backup your Data on the Cloud.

?Open WhatsApp
-?Go to Settings
-?Select Chat Settings
-?Scroll down till you find Backup conversations
-?Click on Backup Conversations
-?A pop up window opens up showing Backing up Messages.
-?Done, whenever you install your whatsApp again your data will be restored.

About WhatsApp: As it is being used by many users day by day. It is a very unique online messaging app which allow users to send not only a text messages but also voice sending, sharing images, Videos, Contacts & Location as well. Recently, they had tried Voice calling feature where the app users can call to their friends for free. But it is not updated in the Playstore. It is still in the Beta test and works with an invite. The feature works with the person who has call option enabled should call his friend to activate the call option on his friend Mobile. The invite system is closed now but surely there will be another window opened or they update directly to the playstore. So, stay tunned.
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