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Tips To Increase Battery Life Of Android

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If you use an Android smartphone then I’m sure you love apps and games on your phone. These apps varies on all categories like social media apps, professional apps, games, and many other but the main issue is if you are playing an addictive game Like Clash of clans your battery will end within an hour or on stand by the background processes and too many other things drain your battery here I will show you how to increase battery life and timing. Follow these steps.

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Uninstall all unused apps. To do this go to settings Tap on apps select the apps that you don’t use and uninstall them one by one.
You also have to stop some unwanted running apps in apps go to running tab and stop some noisy unwanted app processes.
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If your home screen have a live wallpaper change it use a static image.
Remove unwanted icons and widgets from your home screen.
There is an app also called 360 Security you must install it it will not only saves battery but boost’s your android and its apps.
Now your battery life is maximized if you need more there is also an advance method which requires unlocked bootloader and rooted device see the method here

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