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How to restore deleted contacts from Samsung rooted phone

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How to restore deleted contacts from Samsung rooted phone

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Accidentally deleted contacts from Samsung phones to your roots? This loss of data as points of contact is very important for everyone, it may be nothing but disappointing. There are many data recovery available in the market to help recover your lost data back, but the roots Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 edge / S5 / S4 / Note 4, etc., and some may not work. Is there no way to get the contacts deleted again? Clam down, and the answer is definitely yes. Here we suggest you “Android Data Recovery,” which can help you in this case.
restore deleted contacts from Samsung rooted phone
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Android “to restore” 100% reliable program data to help you to recover all lost or deleted data, including contacts, messages, photos and videos. Even phone Samsung roots, before you can really rely on Android retrieve the data to extract deleted data and verified to recover. Check and preview and recovered. Just making some simple clicks, you lost your contacts and other data files will come back to your life.
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Here are available a free trial version for you to download and try:
Note: To ensure that the recovery of the phone numbers and other information successfully, the data need to be shut down. Because the new files can cover the old and once that happens, your contacts are missing it may be gone forever.
To ensure a successful recovery, discontinue use your Samsung after data loss. It will overwrite the old new data will not get it back any more.
Step 1 Download and run the program on your computer
First, go to download and install “Android Data Recovery” on your computer. Run the program and you’ll get a window as follows.
restore deleted contacts from Samsung rooted phone Step 2 Connect your Samsung to your computer and enable USB debugging
Second, connect the Samsung device rooted to the computer via USB. After that, the program will be prompted to enable USB debugging on your device so that it can be recognized in the program.
Jump to the corresponding option by issuing “Samsung’s Android operating system,” your. Follow these tips to open the USB debugging.
1) Android 4.2 or later: Enter “Settings” and choose “on the phone.” Click on the “build number” for several times until “I was under the developer mode.” And then return to the “Settings” and select “Developer Options” and finally check “USB correct.”
2) for Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter “Settings”> “Developer Options” and choose “USB correct.”
3) system Android 2.3 or an earlier version: go to “Settings”> “Applications”. Choose the “development” and check “USB correct.”
We did, get to the point where the data is chosen species. Tick ​​the “contacts” and leave the others unchecked.
Step 3 Scan “Delete contacts” on your Samsung roots
If you see the window below after you click “Start”, go to the Samsung device and press the ‘Allow’ on the home screen until it disappears. Then click the “Start” again to complete the scanning process.
this process is very easy to restore deleted contacts from Samsung rooted phone
Scanning for some time, the process will continue. You can get the remaining time from the progress bar.
Step 4 preview and examine and retrieve deleted contacts from the roots Samsung
Survey results will be displayed in the Categories on the left after complete. You can go directly to the “contacts” and expand icon to preview the details. Check out the ones that you want to return, and click the “Restore” saved on your computer.
Step 5 Backup with “Samsung periodically”
This is to look at the data loss. When things go wrong, the backup file can help a lot. I do not know how to do one? Try moving the robot.
Note: You can slide the button to display delete items only. It would be more convenient for you to search for contacts lost.
Add to Contacts, you can also go to the “Messages”, “Photo Gallery” and “video” to recover those lost this Android data recovery data. To import the recovered data to your Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 edge / S5 / S4 / Note 4, etc., you can try to have the transfer of the robot. For more information, please go to visit our website. We hope you get the help you need.

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