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Game Killer 3.11 APK Free Download

game killer 3.11 apk free download

Game Killer APK Download for Android

This application named Game killer is not for killing games and apps. It is an app for doing modifications in the memory of android devices. Game killer needs root access to edit scores, Health, coins or anything you want. Yeah it lets you edit it all.
Looks marvelous ? But wait and read down before downloading this apk because you must know how to use it otherwise you may brick your phone.

Root Access

Your android must be rooted in order to run game killer. Yeah I know rooting some android devices is not an easy or beginner task but to run this app you must have root access. If you know how to root your phones its good, otherwise you may google it or find some nice tutorials on XDA. Once your phone is rooted confirm it. If you are not rooted rooted you will get this error “Insufficient Permission”.

Allow Android to install Apps from unknown sources

Another issue which comes during installation. If you have not allowed app installs from unknown sources you will face installation block problem. To solve this problem and install game killer apk go to settings>application setting/security settings and tap on unknown sources. Once you have allowed unknown sources on your phone, it will install smoothly. After installation it will ask for root rights allow it.
If you are dreaming to modify games like clash of clans, angry birds or criminal case it will not do that :p. Game killer can not modify games which store their data on remote server. But you can modify memory of all those games which store their data on your phone memory.
1: First open game killer and then minimize it.
2: You will see game killer icon at the corner of your screen.
3: Open the game you want to edit and start playing it.
4: Pause te game and check the values [scores, coins etc] that you want to edit.
5: Tap the game killer icon and open it.
6: Enter the exact value which you want to edit in search bar, select data type as auto identify.
7: If you are lucky you will find one value otherwise there will be millions of same values. If this happens play game for some more time to change this value until you find single one.
8: After finding a single value just edit and change it and its done.


I have edited many games and apps data using this app and it was working fine for me. Now it depends on your smartness and luck how you edit games using game killer. Beware this tutorial is for educational purpose only. It needs roots access so I am not responsible if you brick your phone, do some research before using game killer.
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