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A beginner's guide to Virtual Reality

With so many virtual reality devices available it can be difficult to even know where to start. Our beginner’s guide breaks down some of the big questions you need to ask before getting your first VR device.Big name players from a variety of industries are all racing towards a VR goal, all of them using slightly different approaches. From price, to specs, to space available in your home or office, to equipment you already own, there are a number of factors that help you decide which device is best for you.That’s the boat that I’m in right now. I’m ready to jump VR-laden head first into the world of virtual reality but am starting from scratch. I don’t own any VR hardware, don’t own a phone or PC capable of powering a VR device, and have had to weigh my options to take on this task.This isn’t an exhaustive list of virtual reality devices or a spec showdown between VR powerhouses. This is a guide to the big questions you’ll have to ask yourself before you get your first VR device.Read more at VRHeads

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