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Essential Phone orders are finally shipping, for real this time

Now we can turn our focus to the actual phone, right?Facing a few days of shipping delays late list week, Essential said that shipments of its new phone were finally heading out the door on Aug 25 � but now, it seems like that’s actually happening today. Looking at threads both on our own Android Central forums and the popular XDA forums, people are starting to actually receive tracking numbers for their phones � though at first it looks like this is only for phones ordered directly from Essential.For those who chose to order both the Essential Phone and the 360-degree camera attachment, it looks like you won’t have to worry about that combination delaying your order � initial reports are that the phone is shipping separate from the camera. Essential is actually still taking orders for new Essential Phones via its website, though considering how long it took initial orders to head out the door we’re not so sure how long they’ll take to ship.Amazon, with a ship date of September 1, and Best Buy, with a ship date of September 8, now seem more likely to actually hit their respective ship dates, considering phones are moving through the distribution network on some level. The question would simply be how much stock the different retailers were offered from the start.Did you order an Essential Phone? Let us know when you ordered and if you received a shipping notice today!

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