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Battle of Wukong MOD APK unlimited money


Battle of Wukong is a brand new Sun Wukong(King of Monkey) game what focus to the battle/fight and strong skills, it promises to bring to you who love “Journey to the West” a totally different feeling while playing the game. The game support 5 different creative Sun Wukong heroes: Jungle Wukong, Fire Wukong, Dark Wukong, Golden Wukong, Ice Wukong… and all of them will bring you to a cool wukong versus game.

Again, you will not see all of the friends of Sun Wukong on the Journey to The West but you will see almost all of Wukong ‘s Enemies with a very strong skill, weapon and magic attack. In this game you will see the legend power of Bull Demon King, Princess Iron Fan, White Bone Demon, Hong Hai Er and Tathagata buddha hand… join to the legend battle at the Flower-Fruit Mountain, White Bone Cave, Accumulated Thunder Mountain and Nibbana.

The gamer can choose one from 5 different Sun Wukong design heroes to get started with the game and fight with all of the bosses. Every Sun Wukong heroes will match with a different power of skill, weapon, magic and own a very different tactic of fighting on street, fight on air, fight on cloud or water. Just need to use the skills clever then you can defeat all of the enemies.

Battle of Wukong presents a hundred of pre-designed battle with a lot of bosses, enemies. Battle of Wukong not only focus on graphic but also bring you a very addictive and intense feeling. The game didn’t support 72 different magic of Wukong but it supports 5 different transforms of wukong what will be one of the best features.


– Addictive graphic design & UX
– Easy to play gameplay
– Support Multi-characters with 5 different Wukong heroes
– A lot of skill, weapon, and magic
– Intense Versus gameplay
– Skill upgradable with strong power
– Creative background and tactic

Battle of Wukong will be a new legend of Sun Wukong game. Welcome any comment!

Download direct link “com.xbeangame.sunwukongbattle – Battle of Wukong APK mod money” Free modified android action games, LATEST VERSION
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Market: com.xbeangame.sunwukongbattle|
Android: 4.1 |
Internet: OFFLINE |
Mod: Money + No ads |

APK: v1.1.4

APK: v1.0.9

Battle of Wukong is a brand new Sun Wukong(King of Monkey) game what focus


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