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Pixel Punchers is a total knock out! [Best New Games for Android]

What are the latest games worth checking out in the Google Play Store?Update September 1, 2017: Punch Out the competition in Pixel Punchers (see what I did there?), then dive into the heavy themes of Little Red Lie. Finally, grab yourself a cold brew coffee and celebrate how much of a unique individual you are in Hipster Sheep.

Pixel Punchers

Remember the game Punch Out for the NES? Remember how awesome that game was? Well, Pixel Punchers is like an updated version of that retro classic that’s been perfectly optimized for Android.The controls are spot on � tap the gloves to punch, tap the arrows to dodge your opponent’s punches. In Career mode, you’ll lay waste to the lower level boxers as you work your way up to the fight against the champion. While you’re pretty much able to stand in once place and practice your combos in those earlier rounds, you’ll need to learn how to bob and weave effectively to move up the rankings.Each match consists of four 30-second rounds, so you really gotta impress the judges or knock your opponent out if you want to collect the purse and advance to the next circuit. Do you have what it takes to be the world champ?Download: Pixel Punchers (Free w/IAPs)

Little Red Lie

Little Red Lie is a really curious new title in the Google Play Store. Describing itself as a “narrative-focused, interactive fiction experience”, it dives right into some pretty heavy themes that include issues of family, society, and politics. As the name implies, you’re required to lie to your family and the government throughout the game to avoid falling further into debt.I’ve always been drawn to indie games with a compelling narrative, and Little Red Lie had me hooked from the intro. You’re asked a few personal questions right off the top which the game then uses your answers to shape the story arc of the game. The artwork and graphics are great, and the controls are simplistic � you tap around the screen to move, tap the “LIGHT” button to see which objects and people, you can interact with as you lie your way to survive in this exploration of a dystopian society that isn’t too far off from our own world.While the slow-burning story and premium price might turn off casual gamers, if you’re a fan of narrative-based games and love to support indie game developers, you’ll definitely want to check out Little Red Lie.Download: Little Red Lie ($4.99)

Hipster Sheep

Part puzzle game, part commentary on hipster culture, Hipster Sheep is an artfully designed game that offers a fresh puzzle format that’s oddly addictive with 150 levels to enjoy.Your goal is to create a path for your Hipster Sheep to discover the “next big thing” by placing tiles on the game board. As you progress you’ll unlock new powers and challenges. Each level has collectible items scattered so you need to be strategic with your tiles to maximize your score.Once you reach Level 10, you unlock the second-hand shop where you can customize your sheep with hip clothes and accessories. It’s quirky and fun, and a game you’ll definitely want to download and play today� so you can say “I was playing Hipster Sheep before it was popular.”Download: Hipster Sheep (Free w/IAPs)

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