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Best Android Applications: You Have To!

Best Android Applications: You Have To!


Before you go app by app, if you consider yourself an expert in Android apps but need advice on what games to install, visit our top of the best games for Android.


If your case is different, but we agree that you also do not want to spend money on applications, visit our top of the best free applications for Android.

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Microsoft OneDrive

This application integrates directly with other Microsoft applications. Allows free storage prior registration of up to 5GB. If you need more space, you can buy up to 200 GB.


One of the advantages of this app is the synchronization with other Windows tools, such as Word or PowerPoint, which allows us to open, edit and save those files. A very intuitive and professional application.


Google Drive

This application comes standard on Android smartphones. In addition, Google offers a good amount of GB extras in a totally free way. Finally, it is possible to emphasize its easy synchronization with Google Docs.



One of the most loved applications of cloud storage. Its free version does not offer as many gigabytes of storage as Google Drive but can serve as a companion version, in case you need extra storage.


Battery Optimization

One of the biggest drawbacks of smartphones is the battery life. Luckily we have a list of the best applications to save the battery that will help us get that overtime.



From our point of view, Greenify is the best application to control battery consumption. In addition, it is endorsed by the Android community as one of the best applications in its category. Its only “problem” is that it is only for root users.


Messenger service

Each user will decide which messaging application is most comfortable with various factors. You may prefer the emoticons or stickers you offer or you may be more aware of the privacy and security of your conversations.


Messaging applications are a world in which the vast majority have decided to download and use WhatsApp, but there are very interesting alternatives. In fact, I always try to give reasons to convince that Telegram is better than WhatsApp.



Although more than one hurts, the vast majority of smartphone users use WhatsApp. Specifically we are talking about 600 million active users, so if you want to be communicated you need this application. Though recently detect new scams in whatsapp that was resolved.



More and more people try this application and stay, and is that Telegram offers the same thing as WhatsApp, but with many more features, such as the possibility of sending much larger files, up to 1.5 GB. Groups also admit a lot more people than their competitor. This is a very application to keep in mind.



Snapchat’s audience was born in the 1990s. If you have more than 30 springs, you may find it cumbersome. The idea behind this social messaging / networking application is that everything you share with your friends will only last a few seconds and you will never see it again.



Many widgets and preinstalled applications let you check the time, but they are not always complete or too accurate. Two of the most recommended in this area are AccuWeather and Yahoo Time.



This application uses an algorithm created by the developers themselves to predict the time. It integrates meteorological data from thousands of weather stations and own data.

Among many of its functions, we can access the webcams distributed around the world and see a video of the weather situation of the place. In addition, if we are going to travel, it offers us alternative routes to avoid bad weather.


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