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Top 5 Apps Every College Student Must Use

Top 5 Apps Every College Student Must Use

College life is really hard and hectic but you can turn it into smart life with the help of your Android
smartphone. All you need is these 5 apps that will make your college life super easy and productive.
So, the first app on our list is the Camscanner:

1. Camscanner


Scanning documents isn’t a rare thing to do in college. Whether it be your timetable or a form to fill
Camscanner will help you capture all the documents.
Camscanner has an in-app camera with many features like alignment options, batch mode, grid,
focus point setter, and image quality settings. If you didn’t get the time to open and scan the
document with camscanner while in college, no worries, you can always import photos from Gallery
and crop them with the smart octagonal crop feature which will cut off all the edges. Later by just
applying the auto filter will get your document all dressed up and ready to go which will make your
document more readable and clear. You can now save & share your document in a PDF or Image

2. Attendance Manager


Now there must be a rule in your college that if you want to appear in the exam you must keep your
attendance above the 60%. Even my college had the same rule, I used to attend as many lectures as
possible. But just due to some miscalculation my name always used to pop up on the defaulter list!
Then I started using attendance manager to keep the track of my attendance.
Once you open the Attendance Manager app, all you have to set is –

1. Name of all your subjects
2. Your timetable
3. Then you have to enter how many classes have you attended in the past of the total classes taken.
That’s it now you can leave the app on its own as it will automatically show how many future
lectures are such that you must attend to keep your attendance above the 60%.
Click here to watch how to use Attendance Manager 

3. Google Keep

Keep is a note-taking app from Google. It’s not same as other notetaking apps. It has
• Clean and easy to use User Interface.
• Google account backup so you never lose your notes.
• Ability to add tags to notes to classify them neatly.
• Ability to add another collaborator – who can view and edit your notes.
• Ability to add checkboxes, images, voice recordings and hand-drawn stuff.


4. CourseEra & Khan Academy

College life is the last stage of learning, you won’t go through any further education that is
mandatory so learn as much as you can.
Whether it be a topic you didn’t get or something that you wish was in your syllabus, you can learn
everything for free on Khan Academy and CourseEra.
With Khan Academy, which is a completely free you can learn anything related to math, science, and
prepare for exams like SAT, GMAT & MCAT or even learn how fire stick farming changed the
landscape of Australia.
CourseEra is an amazing website and app to learn new things, it is mostly free but certificate
requires money, you can learn anything ranging from PHP & Java to the evolution of mankind

5. Todait

Time management is one of the most important things in a student’s life, you cannot buy time with
money and nor can get the spent time back. So Use it wisely.
Todait helps you make a to-do list which you can follow and utilize your time wisely.
1. Enter the Task
2. (Optional) Set a goal, suppose your task is studying then you can enter a goal of solving 100
3. (Optional) Set a deadline.
You can then open the app and start the timer so you can know how much time you utilize for doing
a particular thing.
So, these were the 5 Apps You Must Use If You Want to Boost Your Productivity to Next Level. Do
share it with your friends if you find this article helpful.

Here is the video of Top 5 Apps Every College Student Must Use

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